Trilogy Exteriors Breaks Down and Clears Up Common Myths About Metal Roofing

Langhorne, PA -- (SBWire) -- 06/05/2020 --While their website boasts the advantages of using metal roofing over traditional shingles, Trilogy Exteriors has now taken it upon themselves to dissect the supposed negatives and, more importantly, how their team of metal roofing contractors works to nullify them.

With metal roofing being far pricier than its competing alternatives, many homeowners wonder if the expense is worth it. According to Trilogy Exteriors, the amount of money saved in the long term can easily outweigh the money spent on the initial installation costs. The more notable metal roofing trait, its durability, means it requires repair far less often than the more traditional shingles. However, this is not the only money-saving trait of metal roofing. Thanks to its reflective properties, metal roofing tends to keep the sun's heat out of the household, meaning less money is wasted on air conditioning in the hotter months.

Outside of cost, the easiest identifiable negative of metal roofing would be its noisiness in harsh weather conditions. Precipitation will make more sound when hitting a metal rooftop. However, Trilogy notes that this is hardly as big of an issue as it may seem. With the right amount of extra insulation used during installation, the noise will be dampened and, therefore, less noticeable. The most significant drawback of this additional service is the extra cost associated with it. Still, if the price tag is not a turnoff, a heavily insulated installation can give all the benefits of metal roofing with minimal drawbacks.

Many of the more common issues associated with metal roofing are expansion, contraction, rusting, and denting of the metal. The key to minimizing these negative traits is professional installation services, which Trilogy provides for residential properties in the Bucks County area. By choosing the right type of metal roofing and leaving the installation to trusted professionals, a metal roof is a great investment in durability, efficiency and beauty.

Homeowners in the Bucks County area looking into replacing their current roof are encouraged to reach out to Trilogy Exterior for more information on the options available.

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