Wickwire Warehouse Inc. Selling Stainless Steel Wire and Much More Throughout Summer 2020

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWire) -- 06/12/2020 --Wickwire Warehouse Inc., a leading provider of steel strapping materials, is accepting orders for steel straps, stainless steel wire, and more, heading into the summer months. As one of the most versatile materials, stainless steel products can be used in various industries, including food production. Though it requires a special kind of finishing, food-grade stainless steel can be found in industrial kitchens that use fryers, ovens, sanitizing equipment, refrigerators, and more.

While stainless steel surfaces might look the same, there are subtle differences between food-grade stainless steel and other kinds of steel surfaces. Like traditional stainless steel, food-grade stainless steel resists corrosion, high heat, and is durable when faced with most kinds of impact. Stainless steel destined for food production facilities needs to undergo a process known as "electropolishing," rather than the more traditional grinding.

The process of electropolishing strips away the surface of the steel in a way that leaves behind a smooth surface. Electropolished steel is so smooth that it resists bacterial growth and is easier to disinfect than traditional stainless steel.

Due to the inherent durability of stainless steel, electropolishing the steel makes it ideal to use in industrial kitchens that use fryers, ovens, and shelving. The steel will be able to bear the weight that's needed while simultaneously maintaining a safe, easily cleaned surface.

When maintaining food-grade stainless steel, it's essential not to use steel brushes or scrape against the steel, as this will leave behind particles and fissures that reduce the lifespan and safety of the material. Steel brushes leave behind microscopic particles that can help accelerate corrosion on the surface. Additionally, fissures create space for bacteria to grow, even after being wiped down.

Rather than using abrasive chemicals or harsh brushes, it's essential to maintain the surface with a food-grade stainless steel cleaner, since this kind of chemical is less likely to compromise the safety of the steel's surface.

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