Texas Original Pits Features BBQ Smokers Like Offset Smokers, Vertical Smokers, and Vertical Offset Smokers Suitable for Backyard Enthusiasts and Pitmasters Alike

Hand-forged Texas BBQ smokers from Texas Original Pits are famed for their quality construction and attention to detail. Offset smokers and vertical offset smokers allow food to smoke in the main chamber with a firebox attached to one side


Houston, TX -- (SBWire) -- 06/17/2020 --Texas barbecue flavors are sought after by food lovers throughout the state and around the world. One of the most popular techniques for flavoring the meat is smoking 'low and slow' in BBQ smokers . Offset smokers in particular may take more time than a standard barbecue grill to master yet amateurs and pitmasters alike return again and again to this design as it is widely acknowledged to produce the most authentic Texas BBQ flavors. Positioning the firebox with the fuel off to one side of the main smoking chamber which contains the meat enables the cook to manage the fuel and replenish it without opening up the smoker itself. This is an advantage when the temperature of the chamber is being maintained. Experienced cooks may also add additional thermometers around the grill to carefully manage the temperature on different racks or across the heat gradient. Although smokers from different manufacturers may look similar at a distance, the construction of the grill can easily compromise its performance. Cheaper barbecue grills are often manufactured with bolts or fasteners around which heat can leak or be unpredictable. Another shortcut taken is to reduce the thickness of the steel. Although these products look similar, maybe priced more competitively, and are easier to handle because they are lighter in weight, they are unable to deliver the results achieved from a high-quality smoker which is fully welded with thicker steel. The ability to maintain an even temperature across the length of a cook is critical to developing the distinctive flavor. This process can take many hours and minimizing wood consumption as well as maximizing heat retention is important. Texas Original Pits offer a variety of smokers and Texas BBQ grills to cater for all levels of expertise. An important consideration when buying a grill or smoker is the footprint it will take in the back yard. One of the main advantages of vertical smokers or vertical offset smokers is the reduced footprint required while still providing enough smoking capacity to cook for a large number of family and friends.

About Texas Original Pits
Based in Houston, Texas, Texas Original Pits are a manufacturing company known for its trusted Barbecue Grills, Smokers, and Fire Pits. Since 2007 their goal has been to create well-made, hand-built, BBQ Pits. Combining their experience and passion for cooking Texas-style BBQ with manufacturing experience from the oil and gas industry, they have developed a predictable and repeatable construction method using only the highest quality materials. The products are equally suited to the needs of competition BBQ and backyard enthusiasts. No compromise exists in the design, materials, construction, or finish of the Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits. Popular products include Texas meat smokers like their Luling offset smokers, Vertical smokers, Pearsall smokers, Spindletop fire pits, Corsicana grills, Ranger Camper grills, and the Texas hog roaster and grill. Ordering online via the website is an easy process and there are selections to be made for sizes and lid types. The most popular accessories can be bundled together as part of the 'loaded' upgrade package, saving money compared to buying each accessory separately.

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