No More Phone Tag Provides Medical Answering Services That Are Well-Customized for Individual Needs in the United States


Westerville, OH -- (SBWire) -- 07/31/2020 --Answering services for businesses and organizations, have evolved over time, from the early beginnings, where trained customer service professionals are saddled with the responsibility of answering calls from customers, clients and patients, and taking down their requests, needs, and complaints. Answering services have now transitioned to being automated, whereby detailed messages are taken down for the business or organization, without any mistakes, allowing the business to be focused on other things, whilst taking note of the needs of customers, clients, or patients. No More Phone Tag armed with their automated call service, provides unequalled Medical Answering Services to medical facilities in the United States.

Answering a query, No More Phone Tag's spokesperson commented, "Patients value the reassurance which a high quality after-hours medical answering service can bring, but sometimes finding the right provider can be a challenge. If you're looking for an efficient, dedicated facility, we're here to help. As an experienced call-center company that specializes in providing a virtual receptionist service to a variety of medical practices, we have the requisite skills and experience you need to make your afterhours evening and weekend answering service a success. Our team offers a tailored service, delivering your personalized greetings and ensuring that each patient knows exactly which medical practice they're calling."

No More Phone Tag are Med Answering Service Providers that have a call handling team that knows which calls need an immediate response and they will normally pass them on to the relevant medical professional within a few seconds. Should no answer be forthcoming, the call will automatically transfer to the next person on the on-call list, minimizing dangerous delays. Should a call not need a doctor to respond rapidly, the message will be forwarded to the correct medical answering service, ready to be picked up during normal practice hours.

The spokesperson further added, "Traditional answering services are frustrating for both patients and doctors, so we created something different. Instead of relying on call center staff with no medical training, our service is completely automated, customized to fit each practice. Each office finds that No More Phone Tag successfully separates urgent calls from non-urgent ones, sending the urgent messages to the correct doctor on call faster than any other service. The doctor is able to hear the message exactly as the patient left it, which eliminates any miscommunication."

No More Phone Tag provides on-call after hours answering services for medical offices, which are customized to their individual wants and needs. Each physician can personalize their own on-call and escalation process. Also, for things like non-urgent consults from the hospital, No More Phone Tag can hold the messages and then deliver them at specific times the next day. Their doctor answering service will make medical offices more efficient so patients can be helped in the timeliest manner. To Get Medical Answering Services, clients can contact No More Phone Tag online.

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No More Phone Tag is an automated answering service that provides afterhours answering services for medical facilities. To Find Physicians Answering Services in the United States, clients can consult No More Phone Tag.

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