Dorsey Thornton and Associates Aims for 5000 Meals for Poor and Homeless in the Next 2 Months

The debt collection company makes bigger plans to feed the homeless and hungry people in comparison to last year.

Union City, GA -- (SBWire) -- 03/05/2012 --The associates of the company have decided to arrange a health care and food management program for the homeless and they will arrange the program every month in the city of Downtown, Atlanta. Since last year, the company had succeeded to serve almost 2500 meals to the homeless people of Atlanta and now they are on the way to increase the count into double. To say more precisely, the company is now planning to serve almost 5000 homeless within the coming two months. This approach of the company has already created a buzz. “Though it is known to all that there are so many people around who need real help and affectionate care but not all can gather the confidence and courage to be in the process of helping the homeless and to feed the hungry. This is really being regarded as an innovative approach that will surely help a lot of people,” says the CEO of Dorsey Thornton and Associates.

He also adds that, “This kind of approach should be taken by other associations as well because issues like hunger and scarcity of shelter has posed a huge threat on several people who dream of leaving a healthy and happy life like others”.

According a the records, in every three seconds a child dies because of hunger and in a day almost 24,000 people die due to the same reason. Almost 35,000 children loss their lives due to hunger and malnutrition issues and almost 200 millions of boys and girls, who are below five, remain hungry everyday. In such situation, the mighty approach of Dorsey Thorton and associates is praiseworthy and it has earned appreciation form different health care organizations across the world.

Michel Thornton, who is the president of the company, believes that as Christ has compassion on the people who are poor and hungry, thus as a child of God it is their sole responsibility to serve the same purpose. He added that it would really be a pleasure for the associates of the company if they can lend helping hand to those people who are suffering from hunger and lack of shelter issues. He has also assured that the volunteers of the company will always try to deliver best services to the people with less fortune.

They have settled project plan likewise. As a collection company it is not possible for the associates to avail permanent place from where they can serve the homeless and can feed the hungry children. Thus primarily they have decided to take help of different churches that are associated with such activities so that they can arrange the program at a weekly basis.

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