According to One Can Refer Blu Cig to a Friend and Reap the Reward reviews that the electronic cigarette brand Blu Cigs is offering a referral scheme. In the scheme a user has to refer a Blu cig to a friend to avail the award.

Dallas, TX -- (SBWire) -- 03/05/2012 reviews all about the e cigarette brands. Blu Cigs is one of the popular e cig brands. The brand offers various amazing electronic cigarette referrals. Reviews explain that referral programs are a good way to publicize the product and increase the sales.

Reviews explain that Blu Cigs has offered a referral program for the blu cig users. The program explains that a blu cig user has to refer e cigarettes to a friend to avail the reward. When a blu cig user refers it to a friend or family, with every referral the user gets a discount of $2 on cartridge. And the person who is referred gets a $10 discount on their first Premium and Original Starter Kit. Blu cigs also offers another scheme. The visitors of Blu Cigs website can get all information about various discounts and referral programs offered by the brand. A visitor has to just provide his e mail id and all the new blu cig discounts and offers will be mailed to them.

The brand offers Original, Premium and Premium 100 starter kits. The kit consists of basically five flavor cartridges and a portable charger case. Blu Cigs have a stylish electronic cigarette case which has a “Blu Cigs” logo on it. The logo glows when a person opens the pack. E cigarette reviews explain that Blu Cigs is the only e cigarette brand which offers a social component in it. The social component has amazing quality. It tracks another e cigarette smoker in 50 feet area of a blu cig user. This way an e cig smoker can socialize with other e cig users.

Experts say that blu cigs offer seven different flavor cartridges. A smoker can enjoy these smokeless cigarettes in various tastes. The brand has even provided a natural flavor “Classic Tobacco” for the smokers who want their e cigarette to taste like a natural cigarette. Reviews explain that with the increasing demand of the users of blu cig, the brand has launched two new flavors namely Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps.

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