BRIDGEi2i, a Leading Analytics and AI Solutions Company, Uses AI Accelerators to Improve Customer Experience for Enterprises

BRIDGEi2i helps industries and enterprises to develop digital transformation through AI accelerators. Digital transformation allows businesses and industries to have an enhanced customer experience, operational effectiveness and render consulting services in exploring new digital business models that could help companies and several industries.


Fremont, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/25/2020 --BRIDGEi2i is a trusted partner to enterprises for driving digital transformation outcomes. At BRIDGEi2i, they combine problem-solving frameworks, extensive domain expertise, data science capabilities and proprietary AI accelerators to help industries, including technology companies, financial and insurance services, and consumer goods. BRIDGEi2i provides AI analytics services, including their AI accelerators, consulting expertise, advanced analytics, machine learning, and data engineering.

Answering a query, BRIDGEi2i's VP, Marketing, Venkat Subramanian commented, "BRIDGEi2i makes use of the combination of data engineering, advanced analytics, proprietary AI accelerators and consulting expertise to make AI real for digital enterprises. Our AI accelerators analyze and coordinate the consumption of insights and suggest the right business actions for faster and accurate decision making to improve customer experience for enterprises".

Moreover, as businesses and enterprises begin looking for leading companies in AI to aid them in their quest for more growth and turnover, they feel the need for a trusted digital transformation partner.

"BRIDGEi2i's AI-powered accelerators have successfully been rendering assistance to many enterprises embarking on a faster journey to create more values using digital transformation. Enterprises today could obtain tremendous values from these pre-built, tried and tested AI accelerators", Subramanian added.
In attaining digital transformation results, BRIDGEi2i partners with various industries to assist them in using AI for customer experience. Thus, their team has technology prowess and utilizes several data engineering tools like Python, Informatica, R macros, and NoSQL. BRIDGEi2i also helps all kinds of industries to source solutions for their business problems. BRIDGEi2i helps them measure, analyze, implement, and track every aspect of these solutions.

About BRIDGEi2i
BRIDGEi2i helps enterprises enhance their customers' experience and operations through AI analytics, data engineering, advanced analytics, and consulting expertise. Enterprises in search of one of the top data analytics companies can try out BRIDGEi2i to provide them with AI-powered analytics solutions. Thus, in this regard, BRIDGEi2i has gained several prestigious awards and recognitions and can be fully trusted to offer the best of services.

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