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Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 03/08/2012 --Gamers that own the Microsoft Xbox 360 now have a chance to obtain free Microsoft Points from The Website is offering legitimate free Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 users.

Every serious gamer with an Xbox 360 knows about Microsoft Points as the currency for the latest downloadable content (DLC). Now, is providing a way for gamers to get free Microsoft Points. “I started the Website to showcase a wide variety of unbiased product reviews that people could trust, and as a gamer myself, I was asking how do you get Microsoft Points for free,” said the Website founder. “When I found out how to make free Points available to other gamers, I added the opportunity to my Website so that others could benefit as well.”

Gamers use the points to purchase everything from maps, skins, levels and demos to things like equipment, weapons and other items for the latest games. Unfortunately, purchasing the latest downloadable content can break the bank for serious gamers. “The Points go pretty fast for most gamers, so providing free Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 users has attracted quite a crowd,” said the Website founder.

While many people are skeptical of the offer at first, once they click on the “Get Free Microsoft Points” button and receive their free Microsoft Points in their inbox, they are believers. Use the free Microsoft Points to download new DLC, bling for your avatar, or for gifting to friends. You can even use the free Microsoft Points to purchase a new Xbox membership plus an endless number of other uses. “People can use free Microsoft Points just like the normal ones to enhance the fun in the latest and greatest Xbox games,” said the Website founder. “These free Points will save some money buying map packs, and other in-game goods.”

Points can purchase more than just maps and other multiplayer-focused features. For example, gamers can purchase Xbox Live Gold, FIFA card packs, videos and even games. “I don’t know a single gamer that would not say ‘give me free Microsoft Points,’” said the Website founder. “This type of legitimate offer doesn’t come along every day so I encourage everyone to come to the site and get free Points delivered to their inbox.”

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The System Review Bonus Website provides professional unbiased product reviews on a wide variety of products within the Internet Marketing realm. The Website also caters to gamers by providing free Microsoft Points to Xbox 360 owners. The Points are the currency used to purchase downloadable content that can be used with the latest games.

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