New Therapeutic Surface Can Help Lessen Nursing Home Facility Costs and Improve Patient Outcomes

Tampa, FL -- (SBWire) -- 03/19/2012 --MetLife showed in their latest long-term care study that costs have dramatically increased for facilities and patients. Left unchecked, costs could spiral into the millions. For example, a serious bedsore, also known as a pressure ulcer, could cost upward of $30,000 per patient, the study noted.

“Aggressive actions must be taken to decrease costs and improve a patient's well-being,” said Greg Grambor, president of Vascular PRN. “Pressure ulcers, for instance, can send a nursing home resident into the hospital for complications and increase costs all around.”

Nursing home and assisted living facilities can find innovative ways to achieve both goals, Grambor adds. One product to help lower costs is the Skin IQ. It is not only the latest technology for pressure ulcer treatment, it also helps control odor due to excessive moisture or incontinence. Nursing home administrators will appreciate the cost savings of the Skin IQ, which is $4.15 a day in contrast to $30 a day for a Low Air Loss mattress. Wound care nurses and on-call physicians like the Skin IQ for its therapeutic effects as it pulls air down to decrease a patient's pressure points and lessens friction and shear, all while lowering skin temperature and a better water removal rate of 130 MVTR.

“Every patient must be assessed for risk,” said Grambor. “Facilities that can take a proactive approach and monitor a resident's nutrition, sleeping surface, and mobility or turning schedule can greatly lessen the chances of a pressure ulcer. The Skin IQ can help a facility accomplish this for less money.”

To learn more about the Skin IQ and how it can help in long-term care settings or for treatment of pressure ulcers, visit or call 800.886.4331. On the site, visitors will also find out about Vascular PRN’s other products for sale or rent such as SCD boots, lymphedema pumps, and sequential compression devices.

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