New Asbestos Removal Provides Comprehensive Information About Safe Asbestos Techniques

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 03/13/2012 --New Asbestos Removal announced today that their comprehensive resources can help property owners navigate the tricky process of removing dangerous asbestos from their homes and businesses. With information on safe asbestos removal, testing procedures and potential dangers, individuals can make informed decisions about how to safely and legally eliminate asbestos-containing materials.

While the commonly-held belief is that asbestos is only found on ceilings, the company provides a detailed report of other places this potentially harmful substance may be lurking, such as in cement roof tiles, wall cladding, pipes, gutters and home boilers. Information about the most dangerous types of asbestos is also provided. These compounds were often sprayed on walls or beams as a method of fire protection but leave behind a highly toxic and invisible residue.

“Asbestos problems are, unfortunately, very common among homeowners today,” said a company spokesman for New Asbestos Removal. “While safety procedures and construction laws have come a long way since the 1980s, people should still take active measures to ensure proper asbestos removal and guarantee their homes are safe and free of these disruptive – and sometimes deadly – compounds.”

The company’s resources explain why asbestos removal services are so important for concerned homeowners. Because of the risky and complicated nature of the work, federal and state laws hold that only a licensed contractor can do the job. While asbestos abatement can be expensive, it’s important to invest in a properly trained professional who can do thorough and safe work. New Asbestos Removal recommends that homeowners contact the Better Business Bureau to find out whether a company or contractor is professionally licensed.

While some individuals might never develop asbestos-related health symptoms, research has shown that the compounds in the material can indeed be carcinogenic. With long and thin fibers, asbestos is easily inhaled through the lungs and even absorbed through the skin. Several types of cancers may develop due to prolonged exposure to asbestos, including colon, throat and lung cancer. Since asbestos-related diseases are often reversible, proper asbestos removal may help eliminate health problems entirely.

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New Asbestos Removal is a comprehensive online resource center about asbestos detection and removal. With information about asbestos-related illnesses, types of asbestos and removal options, homeowners can learn how to safely eliminate asbestos with the help of a licensed contractor. Individuals who are already afflicted with asbestos-related health problems can also learn about asbestos compensation and litigation options. For more information about New Asbestos Removal, please visit

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