Author George Mentz Publishes New Books on International Diplomacy – Philosophy - Wealth Management and Ethics

Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWire) -- 10/29/2020 --Commissioner George Mentz is an international lawyer, an award winning ethics professor and an international award winning self help author. Mentz has published several groundbreaking or award winning books including:

1) International Diplomacy & Foreign Service Guide by Counselor George Mentz

This book is a primer on international diplomacy and foreign service. For workers or students who want to enter foreign service, this handbook or guide can be a supplement to their learning and preparation to work as an Ambassador for an Embassy or General Consuls offices for the State Department.

2) Philosophy Classics – A Primer on the Best Philosophers in History by George Mentz

This book is a short encyclopedia of philosophy and metaphysics. The book includes the teachings and sayings of the greatest gurus and philosophers in history. This book is a game changer as it includes summaries of the lives and teachings of 15 great philosophers along with analysis of several different philosophies including Stoicism, Buddhism, Taoism and others

3) Ethics & Philosophy by George Mentz – The Secrets of Sustainable Success

This book is one of the first to extract and summarize values and spiritual principles from cultures around the world. If you have read all of the books on philosophy, self-help, human potential and spirituality, then this one will bring it all together. This is the magnum opus of all ethics and virtues books.

4) Wealth Management Handbook – A Guide to Personal Finance and Wealth Management Planning by George Mentz

Wealth Management Handbook - This Wealth book covers topics on Investments Financial Planning, Insurance, Risk, Estate Planning Strategy, Economics Money and Banking Wealth Management

5) Quantum Bliss - The Quantum Mechanics of Happiness, Abundance, and Health.

Quantum Bliss is the breakthrough VIP summary of success, spirituality and mindfulness secrets that customers have been seeking since The Power of Now and The Secret became famous. The book teaches how to go beyond the law of attraction and power of awareness and learn the techniques of Quantum Bliss.

About George Mentz
Commissioner George Mentz is a noted historian and human performance analyst who holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (Latin Juris Doctor) with a focus on international civil law, has an earned Graduate International Law Diploma/Certificate, and Mentz has an earned MBA Master of Business Administration in international business and finance. Mentz is the owner of the consumer protection law firm at:

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