19 Million Americans Turn to Cash Advances for Extra Help in a Tough Economy

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 03/14/2012 --For many Americans, once the water, electricity, mortgage or rent, cell phone, car payment and insurance, health insurance, credit cards and student loan bills are paid, there is typically little to no money left over to buy the necessities, groceries, gas and clothing.

Because of this lack of extra funds, it is very common for people to run into situations in which they end up not being able to make every payment required monthly. And when an unexpected expense arises, such as a flat tire or broken air conditioner, the odds of being able to afford these additional costs is unlikely.

To obtain the immediate extra money needed, many Americans are seeking short-term loan solutions such as payday loans. In fact, according to the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), more than 19 million American households currently utilize payday loans.

Featuring speedy short-term loans, many people are turning to CashAdvance due to their reliability, speed and minimum requirements. The online cash advance company allows people to borrow up to $1,500 at a time, securely and with no credit check. They can simply fill out the online form with a few basic pieces of information and within one hour the cash advance can be deposited into their checking account. Additionally, the site offers a number of in-depth articles providing insight into the advantages and details of payday loans.

One of the many benefits of obtaining a cash advance rather than a traditional bank loan is their simplicity. Unlike bank loans, cash advances do not require credit checks or an explanation as to why the extra money is needed.

According to CashAdvance.org, another, rarely recognized, benefit of cash advances is their ability to help a person save money.

“It may sound strange, but getting your cash advance through CashAdvance.org can actually save you money. First, you’ll save on application fees because we don’t have any — unlike other websites, payday loan centers, or check cashing businesses,” states the site. “Since you can do everything from the comfort of your home, you’ll also save the potential gas outlay and wear-and-tear on your car that driving to a bank or using another cash advance site would cause.“

But by far, one of the largest advantages of cash advances is the speed in which a person can obtain the money they need.

With CashAdvance, customers can fill out the short online application and within minutes receive an approval for their funds. And within one hour, the money can be directly deposited into the person’s checking account.

For more information about obtaining a speedy cash advance, visit http://www.CashAdvance.org

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CashAdvance is an online payday loan company that helps people obtain the short-term money they need, in a hurry. Customers can simply fill out the company’s online application and CashAdvance will match them with an appropriate lender. The company offers security, speed and reliability and requires no credit check.

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