"Survival of the Fittest . . . Non Profits" with BizZne$$ BuzZ and BizZne$$ Watch

This coming week’s show which will air LIVE on Wednesday, 11/18 at 10:00 am PST


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 11/16/2020 --Having been the CEO of a Non-Profit, Community Based Organization in the past I am well familiar with the challenges of the day to day operations and their resultant outcomes. Non-Profits have the same characteristics as any business entity. They have lease obligations, insurance, employees/payroll, marketing expenses etc. The ONLY thing that really does not enter their realm is taxation and that is a great advantage. Non Profits from every source of information I can garner are taking huge hits both financially and infrastructure wise. Hard decisions are certainly being made at core levels to weather the storms of COVID19 and we are not even talking subsequent manifestations of the virus that could be more devastating in the near future. I will have as my guest CEO's of Non-Profits who are currently engaged in wading through swells, navigating the terrains and charting possibly new courses of both direction and tactics. We will explore these paradigm shift options together.

You are invited to contact Mr. Helring at (877) 3NOWBUZ or email him at info@bizznessbuzz.com. Show Host Website: bizznessbuzz.com

About BizZne$$ BuzZ and BizZne$$ Watch
BizZness BuzZ is the LIVE IP Radio segment of the focus, while BizZne$$ Watch is the Outreach element where Mr. Helring will be seeking to interview Small Businesses at their locations to hear what they have to say. Professional MP4's will be produced to assist these businesses in "Elevating Their Brand and Expanding Their Reach". This will also include personal appearances/red carpets, speaking engagements and interview opportunities on other IP Radio Shows, TV and Cable. Mr. Helring has a "Renaissance" background in the Small Business Community and currently owns his own Small Business www.ocallure.com, which makes him one who knows his subject matter first hand. The show has been airing since it's premiere on August 5th The primary focus during the COVID19 Shut Down of Small Businesses in America are to identify those problematic and impacted market sector/industry specified arena's of the Small Business Community that are seeking Experts, Resources and the Opportunity to VOICE out their Truth, Facts and Reality that they are now facing and contending with every day that passes. Small Business is under siege and suffering from being marginalized by the current unrest and lack of advocacy representation by both political and media resources. Mr. Helring is committed to the mission of Small Business not just Surviving but eventually Thriving once again.

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