Prenuptial Agreements Provide Peace of Mind

The division of property likely isn’t a topic most couples prioritize when they decide to marry. Due to reasons like divorce or the passing of one partner, marriages can end. Therefore a prenuptial agreement is something couples may wish to discuss.


Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 11/24/2020 --A prenup serves as something of assurance for the children should problems arise. With the agreement, couples can negotiate on assets and other items that they are taking into the marriage and may wish for the children to have, based on the terms of the agreement. Should one of the former spouses pass when in a second marriage, in the absence of a will the prenuptial arrangement works to ensure that the desires outlined in the agreement are fulfilled. A prenuptial arrangement ensures important family heirlooms remain in the family following a divorce. It also acts as a way of ensuring that such heirlooms do not become "victims" from divorce.

For someone who may be a member of a family company or dealing with business partners, a prenuptial arrangement brings peace of mind to the partners. By claiming rights in the business at the beginning of the marriage, it serves as a promise that this will not become a business property sold away in the event of a divorce.

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