HOW Do We Cross the Communication Divide?

Braver Angels has made inroads across the country over the past 4 years in bringing people from opposite political poles together to learn to listen and dialogue. William (Bill) Doherty (Co-founder of Braver Angels) and David Ball will join me 12/28/20 at 1 PM ET on Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse to expand this principle to Healthcare under stress.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 12/23/2020 --Healthcare across the country and the world has been on "life-support" for 9+ months. As difficult as it is to communicate calmly and effectively in "normal" times of stress, it has become exponentially MORE difficult now when EVERYONE is exhausted, frustrated and struggling with the overwhelming feeling that despite their training, knowledge, experience to help save patients, COVID continues to thwart their best efforts with too many people. My guests wish to help in the communication aspect of this difficulty.

My guests have come to Braver Angels, from VERY different directions. Dr. William (Bill) Doherty from Academia at the U of MN where he currently directs The Citizen Professional Center and cofounded the Braver Angels following the 2016 National Election, in an effort to allow members of both vitriolic parties (Democrat and Republican) come together in a safe environment to learn how to listen to one another. David S. Ball found the organization over 1 year later after 26 years as an Air Force flight nurse and dealing with the conflicts which naturally arise in those areas. Over the past 3 years, He has been the Massachusetts Coordinator of Braver Angels. Today they will bring together what they have learned in these past years and apply it to the stressed relationships in healthcare.

Leanne Meier, BSN, RN is the international talk show host of Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse: Exploring the world of Nursing on, Health & Wellness for the past 3.5 years. She currently has over 110,000 listeners in 70+ countries. Leanne's goal is to be the megaphone for nurses to make their voices heard on who they are and what they add to the life of every human being on the planet. Leanne is an engaging and sought-after public speaker dedicated to the advancement and well-being of Nurses! She led a team during closures of two hospitals and managed information classes, assisted with placement of laid off workers and fought for fair and respectful treatment of employees while working closely with the State of Minnesota Services. Leanne has also served as a trainer for 15 years with Talent Development researching, designing and training specialized programs. Leanne's extensive experience includes 17 years of management experience, teaching staff how to deal with conflict resolution. She consulted with and mediated conflicts between managers, employees, teams and individuals. She taught Nursing for 5 years to RNs returning to nursing.

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