The Linen Group Is Offering Top Quality Laundry Solutions at Reasonable Rates


Manchester, UK -- (SBWire) -- 01/01/2021 --The Linen Group offers commercial laundry services. They have over 35 years of laundry experience. That's why they provide top quality solutions to its clients. The company takes pride in having high customer retention. Their team of highly skilled professionals offer excellent customer services to their clients.

Speaking about restaurant linens, the company spokesperson said, "We provide restaurants with a wide array of quality cotton and polyester linen that are available in different colors and sizes. Our products are chipped with RFID technology that allows us to offer the precise level of laundry one needs to keep his or her business running successfully. Our company's systems are available 24/7. Thus, clients can easily change their delivery when they need it."

The Linen Group offers the best laundry service in Manchester. They take pride in providing high-quality commercial linen laundry service for hotels in Manchester. The company use the latest washing machines which generate water, chemical and use energy efficiently. This enables the company to provide a competitively priced, value-added linen service to its clients. Other than the laundry service, the company also offer linens for hire to Manchester hoteliers. They only buy and issue out high-quality, durable linen to its clients. The company always monitor the quality of their linen with the use of Magic Eye technology and RFID. With these, they can identify the linens that are damaged or have been used several times so that they can be pulled from the circulation of being offered to clients.

Speaking about the company's event linen hire services, the company spokesperson said, "Over the years, our company has been offering linen hire for exhibitions, weddings, dinners, and many more. When one hires linen from our company, he or she benefits from our practical advice, inspiration and experience. To know more about our products, clients can contact us."

The linen Group is a company that clients can rely on laundry service in Manchester. They are based in Sharston, which is 6 miles away from Deansgate. They know the roads, the best times and any sudden rush hours. This means that for any unexpected events in Manchester, the company can deliver the fresh linens to the events within minutes. The company only provides laundry service that is local, green, transparent and cost-efficient.

About The Linen Group
Looking for laundry service in Manchester? The Linen Group is a vibrant company supplying laundry service to Manchester hotels, restaurants and hire companies. They have a quality control where every linen is checked for the perfect finish. All their linens hire for events are RFID chipped. This enables the company to deliver the exact quantities of linens clients' ordered as the linens are scanned and not manually counted. With them, clients are guaranteed quality laundry service at a minimal cost.

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