UNITRON's Comparison Microscope: A Useful Tool for Forensic Investigators

Commack, NY -- (SBWire) -- 03/10/2021 --With the recent and dramatic increases in gun-related crimes across the nation, UNITRON's comparison microscopes continue to be a vital tool for investigators in the field of forensic science. The comparison microscope offers a number of advantages that can be utilized to provide improved imagery and exact results for examiners.

Utilizing superior optics, UNITRON's comparison microscopes provide exceptional clarity and magnification of extremely small details. This ability allows an examiner to maintain precise imagery during the analysis process. Through optimized parfocality and parcentricity, comparison microscopes have unique benefits that cannot be found in other examination tools.

The improved ergonomics and exacting stage movements of UNITRON's comparison microscopes also enhance an examiner's ability to review samples without the need for readjustments while working with other investigators in the laboratory. The ability to quickly adjust height and optics, as well as position samples via the precision, horizontal coaxial stage controls, can speed workflow and improve results while performing forensic science investigations.

Additionally, UNITRON's polarizing microscopes and stereo microscopes can greatly assist investigators looking for detailed imagery of samples and trace evidence at varying magnifications and employing different contrast methods. These microscopes provide solid advantages to forensic scientists looking to improve examination results through advanced contrast techniques (e.g. polarization) and streamline laboratory workflow processes.

As the need for forensic science grows to match the pace of gun-related crimes, UNITRON's comparison microscopes and complementary products continue to be professional tools for investigators across the country.

UNITRON is a leading provider of microscopes and imaging systems that can significantly enhance the quality of research across a multitude of fields. Their wide range of microscopes and imaging equipment can be utilized by various researchers to improve data analysis and capture superior results for forensic research. For more information about UNITRON and how their products can improve your internal examination processes, contact us today!

UNITRON'S microscopes and related optical accessories have been consistently used and trusted worldwide since 1952. Our products are trusted and utilized by companies such as Intel, Lockheed Martin, ITT, GE, DuPont, Boeing, 3M, MIT, Raytheon, SONY, Texas Instruments, and the Mayo Clinic. UNITRON achieves "excellence by design" by manufacturing a comprehensive line of stereo, metallurgical and material science microscopes, in addition to LED lights, digital microscopy cameras, telescopes, and binoculars. Visit us online at https://microscopes.unitronusa.com/ to learn more.

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