Precision Machining and Contract Manufacturing Expert Helps Companies Create Better Parts


Bellingham, MA -- (SBWire) -- 03/23/2012 --Antron Engineering & Machine creates innovative products and solves complex engineering and design problems for clients every day. It all starts with the company’s engineering expert Anthony Denietolis, Jr., who besides being the company’s president is also its lead innovator, engineer and product designer. For more than 27 years, he’s been helping the company excel in precision machining and contract manufacturing. Today, he shares his insights on the growing company.

What are some of the interesting or useful products that you have helped engineer at Antron?

We’ve designed some useful products for our own company that have U.S. patents such as pharmaceutical testing products that are used for pre-clinical needs and infrared reading devices. For customers, we’ve updated and redesigned many products.

This can range from military applications, laser rail designs, and delivery systems. Antron has done a lot in the medical field too. We’ll consult with doctors, go to a hospital to see their processes, and come back and design a prototype for them. We’ve worked with cardiologists at Harvard Beth Israel Deaconness Hospital to design bypass devices and mitro valve adapters for the heart.

What are some of the special engineering techniques you’ve created to make the tools and parts that Antron is known for?

We excel at helping customers solve problems. Antron uses design software such as SolidWorks and state-of-the art design and manufacturing processes to come up with concepts and is one of only a handful of shops that offer engineering and assembly expertise. Customers oftentimes come to us when they have an issue in their assembly or subassembly, and are having a hard time putting a product together or feel something is wrong. We’ll take the concept, evaluate it, get permission to make the changes, then build a prototype and test it. Clients will then test it on their own and likely we’ll take the product from there.

Antron has also helped businesses that have just acquired another company and need help with the product nomenclature or assistance from the assembly or engineering point of view. It’s a big strength that Antron can give high quality guidance on engineering and assembly techniques and help their business succeed.

How does Antron help give clients a competitive edge?

We help drive client costs down. Antron is known for its quick turnaround time. We make parts more readily available and deliver components and assemblies that work. 24-hour availability drives prices down and gives clients a leg up.

What are some of the biggest or specialized companies you have created products for?

Thermo Fisher Scientific calls on us to help 12 of their different divisions. Palomar Medical works with us too in creating specialized medical products. As a leading product assembly and precision machining company, Antron can assist clients in many different fields from defense, medical, aerospace, and many other industries.

What is a typical day at Antron like in your department?

Days are filled going over designs and working on them. We will go from tooling design for parts to working on assemblies. Each day is also spent optimizing things to make design processes better.

What challenges do you enjoy as the lead engineer/product designer?

I really enjoy helping clients resolve issues when they are having trouble fixing or designing a product.

What inspires your creativity to be able to address different manufacturer’s needs?

Anyone can machine a part from a drawing, but to be able to work with concept designs takes creativity. Solving customer problems sparks creativity. As a mechanical designer, I can find less expensive ways to build a part and add value. For example, we do a lot of laser designs. We can take it from concept to prototype to pre-production. The pre-production is so far along that it can save time in the manufacturing process.

This is a lot different from other shops that have to take it from a mechanical designer to a manufacturing engineer and must recreate the wheel all over again. We help clients with all their product needs under one roof. This includes giving them full documentation packages and assemblies that provide them a lot more of the product ready to go up front.

What techniques do you use to improve mechanical and/or electronic performance for a client’s needs?

Antron is all about value added techniques. Clients want their products improved and want to get it for a lot less than they are currently paying for. When they have problems in house and have reworking or product failures, a product can go from being a $500 cost to $1,000.

We can iron out a problem and deliver 100 percent quality or we won’t take it on. We will take a look at a year’s build for clients and be able to get a year’s worth of components so that when they need 30 units tomorrow, we can deliver. Antron provides clients a true fixed price and parts they need the next day. Not many competitors can deliver this way.

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