Aqua Master Plumbing Helps Toronto-area Residents Keep Their Basements Dry and Warm All Year Long

Ontario, Canada -- (SBWire) -- 03/23/2012 --As homeowners know quite well, there is nothing quite as disconcerting as walking down to the basement and ending up with wet shoes.

Water is the number one enemy of basements. Over time, it not only makes a huge mess for homeowners to clean up, it can also damage the structure of the house itself. That’s why any leaks should be taken very seriously, the first time any visible water is noticed.

A Toronto-based company is getting a lot of attention lately for its basement waterproofing service that can not only keep the floor nice and dry, but the overall integrity of the house safe and strong.

Aqua Master Plumbing specializes in waterproofing services, as well the full gamut of plumbing, drain repair, and foundation crack repair.

In the past six-plus years, the company has helped hundreds of customers in the Toronto and Mississauga areas with basement waterproofing services. Thanks to the company’s outstanding and friendly service, wet and leaky basements can become dry and cozy living spaces once again.

The company’s website features a wide variety of educational articles and posts that help homeowners understand the basics about many of the different services that Aqua Master Plumbing provides. For example, one article explains why when it comes to leaky basements, the first order of business is determining where the water is coming from in the first place.

“Basement leak can be caused by three factors: water seepage, runoff and condensation,” the article explained, adding that condensation is the most common issue that can be solved using a dehumidifier.

“The other two reasons require serious professional maintenance: professional wet basement repair expert will help you detect the reason for the water in basement and successfully solve it.”

Aqua Master Plumbing’s website is extremely user-friendly; customers are welcome to visit at any time and browse through the vast amount of information. A handy list of the services and repairs that are available is located on the left hand side of the home page; clicking on any of the categories will take visitors to the site to another page with more detailed information. For example, selecting “Foundation Crack Repair” brings up a page with educational articles, advice and tips about how Aqua Master Plumbing can help diagnose and repair this common problem.

About Aquamaster Plumbing
Aquamaster Plumbing is a waterproofing company located in Toronto specializing in waterproofing, plumbing, drain repair, foundation crack repair and more. Founded in 2004 by Vasiliy Belov, Aqua Master has grown to a fleet of seven trucks with full time waterproofing and plumbing crews. Close to a thousand customers have been served in the GTA and over a 100 waterproofed basements have been repaired. Aquamaster Plumbing is located at 1182 Kingsholm Drive, L4Y 2H2, Mississauga.

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