Vintage Graded Baseball Cards Are Focus of New Website

Shreveport, LA -- (SBWire) -- 03/26/2012 --A new website for baseball card collectors has launched, focusing on the classic cards of yesteryear. Vintage Graded Baseball Cards provides information of use to beginning and intermediate collectors. Visitors to the site will find links to the latest collector news, and assistance for investors and new collectors.

Since the 1860s, baseball has been a favorite American pastime and baseball cards have been utilized to promote a wide range of products. The popularity of the hobby and the large amount of money involved has led to unscrupulous individuals promoting counterfeit cards. The launch of the new site provides information on how to spot cheap and fraudulent cards to enhance the collecting experience.

The site is a one-stop resource for information on all types of vintage graded baseball cards and how professional grading and authentication can enhance the collecting experience for novice and professional collectors, traders and aficionados.

Baseball cards span four distinct eras, 19th century, pre-World War 2, 1940-1980, and from 1981 to the present. The site provides expert articles and guides to aid enthusiasts searching for cards in all eras.

Collecting vintage baseball cards is a popular endeavor for individuals worldwide, with rare cards commanding significant prices. To assist collectors in obtaining cards from reputable dealers, the site provides profiles of sports card grading companies and the grading scale used by each, along with terminology and where the firms fit into the history of the sports card hobby.

Vintage Graded Baseball Cards offers news for investors and a wealth of information for novices interested in assembling a good collection of old, graded and authenticated cards.

Collectors will find a guide to sports card grading and even a story on locating cheap baserball cards that could turn a tidy profit for those willing to invest time in shopping online and looking for cards to ‘flip’ for a higher price.

The firm has forged a partnership with Sports Collectors Daily to provide links to current sports collecting news and trends. Links are also available to notable and worthy cards that can be found on eBay through a partnership with the #1 source for buying and selling online.

Vintage baseball cards offer a view into the history of the game, its players and how the sport has evolved over the years. Baseball and photography were both gaining in popularity around the same time, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship that has endured into the modern day.

The launch of the Vintage Graded Baseball Card website provides a one-stop resource for fans, collectors and investors, with information on graded baseball cards. The site offers links to reputable dealers and extensive information on grading companies. Vintage Graded Baseball Cards addresses all facets of collecting for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the hobby.

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