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Ribbun Has Unveiled A Service In Which It Will Create High-Authority EDU Links From Official .Gov Websites


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWire) -- 03/29/2012 --Ribbun Software is a company that is always looking for new ways to boost the web presence of its clients. Its search has now led it to a new and relatively unexplored form of search engine optimization, which is to Get EDU Back Links.

For those who are not aware, an EDU back link is a normal back link that is created from an .edu domain. Websites that use an .edu extension in their domain names are generally educational institutions. As such, they are very valuable websites in the eyes of visitors as well as search engines. By linking from such websites, the target website can gain a lot more authority and influence in search engine results.

Mr. Mohit, a spokesperson for Ribbun, says, “We are not really sure about how and where this form of search engine optimization started, but we do know that very few internet marketers give it the respect it is due. However, this lack of usage of EDU back links can work in the favor of our clients. When used properly, it can be very useful to get EDU back links. At this early stage when it is still quite a novel idea, we believe that EDU back linking can be even more effective.”

Websites for educational institutions are not very rare; in fact, most institutes already have their own website up in order to promote themselves and offer a glimpse of their services, courses, and history to prospective students. Despite their commonness, clients can gain a lot when they get EDU back links. Firstly, clients can achieve a positive impact from their visitors and prospective clients when they associate themselves with a respected educational domain.

Secondly, EDU back links also provide a lot of juice in terms of SEO. These back links are automatically considered high-quality links because they are associated with respected websites. A high number of such links can help in increasing the target website’s trust rank among search engines and become more authoritative.

Ribbun does not just create dummy EDU domain names to get EDU back links. An EDU extension can only be used by educational institutes, and Ribbun ensures that it finds legitimate high-quality educational institution websites and uses white-hat techniques to form a back link for its clients.

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