The Linen Group: A Customer-Focused Laundry Outfit, Delivers Excellent Laundry Services in Manchester


Manchester, UK -- (SBWire) -- 07/15/2021 --The laundry industry is quite a large one, catering to the need of hospitality businesses, private individuals, as well as those of other people who might be in need of their services. Not unusual is the effort of commercial laundry services, which have farther reach and influence, delivering excellent laundry services to the corporate and business world. The United Kingdom is not left out of the reach of these services, as The Linen Group, a family-owned and commercial laundry outfit, is a highly renowned business, regarded by many, as an excellence-driven laundry service provider in Manchester.

Responding to a query, The Linen Group's spokesperson commented, "Getting the laundry services done for our clients help them in more ways than one. It helps them focus on other things that help to scale their work, while we get their laundry done; they can also always get to improve on other processes. In Manchester, we have carved a niche for ourselves in this regard, and our clients are ever-ready to keep working with us, also referring others to do the same. Without mincing words, we have been providing Manchester hoteliers with impeccable, dependable, competitively, bespoke laundry solutions since 1987".

As one of the leading laundry solutions in Manchester, The Linen Group are no doubt, specialists in providing bespoke hotel laundry solutions to hotels or hospitability businesses of different sizes and strengths, be it national chain hotels, or family-owned boutiques. They are confident of providing their clients with transformative commercial laundry services that work, and meet the demands of their customers. The Linen Group has over 35 years of laundry experience, and they are the first Manchester laundry service to use innovative RFID technology. Their automation laundry system is also largely renowned and respected.

The spokesperson further added, "We do not have customers, we have partners; and we ensure that we have a mutually beneficial relationship that guarantees your success, while we also reserve a respected position as a laundry service provider with a difference! Our excellent customer service helps us to preserve long-lasting relationships; we have supplied one of our clients for over 28 years, and we keep doing all we have to do to make sure that we keep at our best. The Linen Group's laundry is equipped with the latest machinery which generates water, chemical, and energy efficiencies, and these savings are passed directly on to our customers".

As one of Manchester's best laundry service, The Linen Group offers Manchester hoteliers a laundry service that is local, transparent, green, and cost-efficient. They are conscious of their clients' needs, and they do all their best to meet it in record time.

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The Linen Group is a family-owned commercial laundry service that provides quality services to hotels in Manchester. They are regarded as one of the best laundry services in Manchester with their intelligent linen laundry service.

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