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London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 04/04/2012 --Students and adults desiring to maximize their intellect and mental focus are turning to for its wide range of successful products and tools.® is a site dedicated to brain training, exercises for the mind, IQ increase and genius intellect. Its proprietary technologies utilise the latest findings in cognitive science, and include brain games, powerful mental exercises and brainwave entrainment audios.

Few people are truly maximizing their intellect and even fewer still know how to improve their memory and mental focus in order to achieve efficient thought processes, so that they can excel at school, work and play. Research has shown that the conscious mind holds a tiny fraction of the billions of items that the brain processes each second, while more than 99 percent is stored within the subconscious. Consequently, the ability to attain more efficient mental processing is a matter of strengthening the mind’s subconscious link where the processing power is located.

Thousands of people from all age groups and walks of life are tapping into this fount of information and focus with the help of the products and techniques from “Our website is dedicated to brain tools and techniques that help to improve the mind so that all areas of your life can improve. “Our mental technologies are thoroughly tested and proven to give powerful brain training results for our users,” said co-founder Kadra Adams.

The flagship brain training technology is known as BrainTune®, which is a range of audio sound products designed to train the mind. The special sounds are scientifically proven to fine-tune brainwaves by placing the mind in extremely precise mental states. This helps improve major cognitive areas such as memory, concentration, problem solving, logic skills, creativity and grammar through passive listening for 30-60 minutes each day via an mp3 player or iPod. “By producing very specific sound frequencies that create beta, alpha, theta or delta range waves within the brain, the BrainTune® Series affects cognitive functionality and performance,” stated Adams. also has many fun and entertaining brain games scientifically designed to improve memory and mental powers. The website’s “The Complete Guide To Genius™” provides mental techniques and written exercises. An article database includes free IQ maximization tips, IQ and brain anatomy info, tips for increasing mind power through diet and much more. The website has many testimonials from people that have attained success with the programs as well as a FAQ section with detailed answers from brain training experts. For more information, please visit

About is owned by Mind One Digital Ltd— a UK company at the forefront of the self-improvement revolution. In addition to their patented BrainTune® Audio Series, the website features a number of other products. The website also provides a free newsletter and numerous articles to help others tap the power of their minds.

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