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London, England -- (SBWire) -- 04/06/2012 --It’s no news to most businesses that search engines – and the massive amounts of internet traffic they direct – are a vital marketing target for any business with an online component. More and more companies are jumping on the SEO bandwagon daily, so no longer is search marketing the differentiating factor it once was in this competitive online space. Savvy entrepreneurs everywhere are looking for the next big thing in online marketing, and it’s up to the pioneers in the field to deliver.

Onvizi, with offices all over the globe, was founded by directors with over 30 years experience in the corporate and small businesses sectors. With a focus on online and social media marketing almost before the concepts existed, Onvizi is now providing a service which allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to take the next step online; mobile websites optimised for smart-phone and tablet browsing.

Mobile website marketing is a concept by which those searching for a business, product or service can be encouraged towards a particular company due to the mobile-friendly nature of their website. While traditional website design can often be difficult to navigate and appear clunky on many mobile or smartphone platforms, the mobile interpretations of commercial websites created by Onvizi are completely tailored to the next generation of portable technology. As more and more people spend more time than ever before browsing the web via mobile device, it’s easy to see how huge amounts traffic can be directed towards those sites that are truly optimised for mobile platforms.

In order to demonstrate the practicality of having a mobile version of their website. Onvizi is offering businesses of all types the opportunity to have a free ‘sneak peak’ at a mobile-ready version of their current website, all by visiting the team at As more firms experience the ease by which mobile-friendly sites can funnel customers through to their business, it’s obvious they’re going to turn to the experienced team at Onvizi.

For those who question the sense in mobile website marketing, Onvizi makes it’s simple to understand. “Imagine you have two bricks and mortar stores,” an Onvizi spokesperson comments. “One is difficult to move around in, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for and the line at the counter is so long it takes forever to purchase anything. On the other hand, the second is easy to shop in, it’s simple to find what you’re after and when making a purchase, the transaction takes seconds. This is the power of a mobile version of your website.” By making it easier to navigate, browse and ultimately transact, businesses everywhere can achieve significantly increased custom through a comparably small investment in mobile optimisation for this firm. It’s no wonder more and more companies are turning to Onvizi in an effort to revitalize their online offering.

So as competition heats up in the online arena, the smart money is on mobile website marketing as the wave of the future. As more people from all corners of the country disconnect from their traditional computers and spend most of their time online via mobile device, those companies that work with the experts at Onvizi to ensure their website is mobile-ready are destined for success.

Onvizi is a specialist online marketing consultancy that works with small and medium sized businesses with the goal of increasing online visibility and, ultimately, revenue. With over 30 years experience running small businesses themselves, the directors of Onvizi are uniquely positioned to deliver excellent service and superior outcomes to their clients. For their latest initiative, Onvizi is offering a service allows firms of all shapes and sizes the option or creating a mobile-optimised version of their website, something which is proving extremely successful within the field of online marketing. For more information, visit

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