iPhone5Guide.org Brings Together Credible Rumors and News on the Highly Anticipated iPhone 5

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 04/09/2012 --As rumors continue to swirl around the highly anticipated iPhone 5, tech enthusiasts are staying updated on potential features and release dates via the iPhone5guide.org website. The iPhone fan site covers news the latest news and rumors on the new Smartphone from Apple.

While the Apple iPhone 4S brought iOS 5, Siri, and several hardware improvements, tech and iPhone enthusiasts had much higher expectations of something truly revolutionary. With the expected 2012 release of the new iPhone 5, rumors about features and a definitive release date are surfacing from many technology quarters due to Apple’s penchant for secrecy. For many, the iPhone5Guide.org website has become the definitive source to find all of the most credible rumors and news about the new Smartphone. “The website’s goal is to give readers both context and explanations of why each of the rumors is likely to fall into the fact or fiction column,” said the iPhone5Guide.org Website founder Jim Reed.

According to the iPhone fan site, there is credible evidence that an announcement of a firm release date will happen on June 15th, the last day of the annual WWDC in San Francisco.

The actual iPhone 5 release date is in dispute despite some pointing to Apple’s primary assembler Foxconn adding 18,000 new employees. “Since maximizing sales of the iPhone 4S is the current priority, Apple is conscious of not releasing the iPhone 5 too early,” said Reed. “Also, release cycles of roughly a year or so are par for the course when it comes to Apple hardware, and there’s no reason to believe that will change this time around.”

Among the most interesting feature possibilities covered by the website is a 3D camera, which could also be capable of facial and gesture recognition as well as the possible inclusion of a 4.6-inch retina display screen. Additionally, the website covers the inevitable CPU upgrades, and the nano-SIM card controversy is also explored with fact, rumors and commentary. “The Website looks at these and other possible internal and external changes from a logical point of view rather than hype, so readers can draw their own conclusions while remaining in the realm of real possibilities,” said Reed. For more information, please visit http://www.iphone5guide.org/

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The iPhone 5 fan site covers the latest news and rumors on the new Smartphone from Apple. The website utilizes confirmed information and rumors from highly credible sources to lay out likely possibilities and the reasoning behind them. The website also concentrates on the speculations surrounding the release date for the new iPhone 5.

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