Best Bev Compares the Advantages of Clear vs. Colored Glass for Bottling

Pennsburg, PA -- (SBWire) -- 09/19/2022 --The experts at Best Bev, a Pennsburg, PA turnkey beverage manufacturer, know their stuff when it comes to bottling services. As future beverage entrepreneurs look for the best bottling method for their new creations, many decide that glass is the way to go. However, choosing between clear and colored glass isn't always easy. Here are a few pros and cons to keep in mind!

Clear glass has many perks worth considering. The sight of a clear glass bottle brings back nostalgic memories for many older customers. Additionally, it is a brilliant way to showcase the color or texture of a beverage.

Colored glass is another great choice. Colored bottles protect certain beverages against UV rays — in fact, many beer brands use amber or brown-colored bottles for this exact reason. In addition, a bright and cheerful bottle will surely grab would-be customers' attention amidst a sea of otherwise boring clear bottles.

Both types of glass also have their drawbacks. Clear glass bottles don't stand out like colored bottles, so creators should put extra thought and time into designing creative labeling and packaging. They also don't offer the UV protection provided by colored glass (although it's also true that some types of beverages don't need UV protection in the first place).

If consistency and color are specific selling points for a beverage, brand owners might want to consider sticking to clear glass since colored varieties sometimes obscure these desired features. Colored glass also has a higher production cost than its clear counterparts. While this price difference isn't massive, it's worth considering for those just starting out.

Both clear and colored glass bottles are great for their recyclability, but brand owners should take time and effort to ensure that they're actually recycled in practice — not just in theory. It's important to provide consumers with detailed recycling instructions for both types of glass.

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