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London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 09/30/2022 --The Internet of Things (IoT) in Automotive Thematic Study by GlobalData Plc predicts the IoT market size to grow at an accelerating growth momentum at a CAGR of over 10% during the projected period. IoT is one of the automotive sector's primary enablers of digital transformation. It brings together various technologies, like AI, 5G, edge computing, and cloud computing, which helps reduce latency levels, allow real-time decision-making, and reduce human intervention in IoT ecosystems.

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IoT Market Value Chain Analysis in Automotive Sector

The five layers covered in our IoT value chain analysis are devices, connectivity, data, apps, and services

Device layer
- Connected things
- Cameras and lenses
- Microprocessors
- Sensors & microcontrollers

Connectivity layer
- Edge infrastructure
- Cloud infrastructure
- Networking equipment
- Telecom networks

Data layer
- Data governance and security
- Business intelligence
- Data analysis
- Data storage
- Data processing
- Data aggregation
- Data integration

App layer
- Apps
- Platforms

Services layer
- Automated home
- Connected car
- Wearable tech
- Industrial Internet
- Smart cities

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Key Highlights on the use of IoT in the automotive sector.

- In September 2021, IBM and Mercedes announced the development of Urban Guard - Stolen Vehicle Help, a service in the Mercedes Me app designed to help detect and recover stolen vehicles. The solution builds on a prior partnership between IBM and Daimler, Mercedes' parent company, to develop connected car services like Ready To, an app that turns the smartphone into a digital control center for the car. The Stolen Vehicle Help service collects essential vehicle and customer data that might help law enforcement identify and recover a car. To achieve high-speed performance, IBM built the backend utilizing cloud-native open-source technologies like the Red Hat version of Quarkus.

- In 2021, Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA) partnered with Splunk to shift from a reactive stance to a proactive and predictive method of maintaining production facilities. The solution collects real-time data from equipment and uses machine learning to provide insights into maintenance and replacement decisions. Splunk also allowed HMA to monitor the equipment temperature to ensure that the equipment does not exceed the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA)-mandated temperature, which could cause damage to the environment.

- Lynk & Co is a Chinese-Swedish automotive brand owned by Geely. The company has announced the launch of an always-connected car that uses an IoT network and infrastructure from Orange Business Services to deliver connected services to users. Consumers can buy the Lynk & Co car outright and share it to generate additional income, lease it monthly, or become a member without purchasing the vehicle, paying only when they borrow the car.

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IoT Competitive Landscape

GlobalData highlights companies that are making their mark within the IoT in the automotive theme.

Leading IoT adopters in automotive
- Aptiv
- Bridgestone
- Continental
- Didi Chuxing
- Ford Motor Group
- Geely
- General Motors
- Honda
- Lyft
- Michelin
- Nio
- Stellantis
- Tesla
- Toyota
- Volkswagen

Leading IoT Vendors
- Alphabet
- Amazon
- Apple
- Broadcom
- Cisco
- Ericsson
- General Electric (GE)
- Intel
- Microchip
- Microsoft
- Qualcomm
- Salesforce
- Samsung Electronics
- Software AG
- Splunk

Specialist IoT vendors in automotive
- Alibaba
- Bosch
- Foxconn
- Ghost Locomotion
- Hologram
- Huawei
- Infineon
- Nvidia
- Octo Telematics

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