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Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 04/14/2012 --It has been said a good education is the key to success. And taking into account the current unsteady economy and continuously rising costs of living, many people are solidifying their careers and taking their educations to the next level by pursuing online Masters degrees.

Online learning not only provides individuals unparalleled scheduling flexibility, but also opens up the ability for them to choose from a variety of top ranked schools they may not have otherwise been able to consider.

But due to the increased interest in online Master degree programs, a vast number of unaccredited, and even illegitimate, schools seem to have cropped up overnight to capitalize on the opportunity. As a result, it is extremely important for prospective students to thoroughly research and understand the differences between the online master degree programs available.

Garnering attention for its straightforward, comprehensive information about online Masters degrees, offers prospective students a host of listings and reviews of the top schools in the U.S. Featuring insightful articles, tips and guides, helps people understand how to choose the right school and online Master degree program. Uniquely, the website is the only online education directory exclusively specializing in non-profit school listings.

The prestigious Master degree has only been attained by a mere three percent of Americans, adding to the level of respect the letters M.A. or M.S. command from employers.

To help aspiring students choose the best suited and most valued online Master degree program, provides a wide range of essential information to assist them in their search.

And according to the site, for-profit schools do not always have the best intentions or most quality online Masters degrees for their students. is very passionate about making sure students understand these differences and aims to help them choose wisely.

The site states, “We believe that effective marketing does not automatically mean effective education. Rather, this comes from decades, even centuries, of building solid curricula, exceptional faculty and a determination to deliver academic excellence.” also explains the numerous benefits online Master degree programs offer, including cost savings, flexibility, advanced technology, enhanced networking opportunities and more.

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About is the leading resource on the topic of online Masters degrees for prospective students everywhere. Committed to helping Americans possess all the tools required to ensure success in an ever-competitive job market, the team behind Intelicus are dedicated to showcasing the best online Masters degree programs in the country. Uniquely, Intelicus is the only education directory online that explicitly excludes for-profit schools, dedicating itself to shining a light on the best the non-profit sector has to offer.

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