Simple Fat Burning Furnace Website Techniques Help Hundreds of Thousands Permanently Lose Weight

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 04/16/2012 --Thousands of Americans are turning to to take advantage of its vast knowledge database on permanent weight loss. The website is the information, articles and blog posts portal for the Fat Burning Furnace System creator and Zero to Hero Fitness CEO Rob Poulos.

Like many Americans, Rob Poulos and his wife Kalen suffered persistent weight gain that they could not lose. After spending thousands on ineffective weight loss schemes, Poulos embarked on intensive research of his own. After much trial and error, he uncovered some simple weight loss tips and techniques that guaranteed permanent weight loss, which he dubbed The Fat Burning Furnace System (FBF). “Almost anyone can implement this easily understood system with no need to spend big money on complicated processes,” said Poulos.

Poulos found that real food is the best thing to fuel the body’s fat burning furnace, which is dependant on specific foods and how they are eaten. At the heart of the system are foods that promote fat burning, which are coupled with effective yet simple fat loss and fitness tips and techniques. Poulos’ FBF system provides a step-by-step plan to proven techniques that enable continuous fat burning. “The thousands that have applied these techniques have noticed increased strength within days with body fat melting and lean muscle creation occurring within a week,” said Poulos.

Website visitors can take advantage of many free weight loss tips and techniques as well as gain access to a free copy of Poulos’ 40+ page “7 Secrets of Permanent Fat Loss & Fitness” eBook covering the core principles for losing stubborn fat and keeping it off for life. The website features an explanatory video, articles and a Fast Fit Tips Blog about the best foods to eat for losing and maintaining a healthy weight, weight loss benefits of green tea, fat burning supplements and much more. The website also features a number of success stories from FBF system users that have lost weight and kept it off.

Along with the downloadable Fat Burning Furnace System eBook, the FBF Ultimate Success Toolkit includes a full year of product updates, a progress tracker, metabolic rate calculator and a body fat percentage analyzer for only $39.97. The Fat Burning Furnace System comes with a 60 day fat loss guarantee. For more information, please visit

Created by Zero to Hero Fitness LLC CEO Rob Poulos, The Fat Burning Furnace System provides a simple and effective way to permanent weight loss through fat burning foods and techniques. The website also features numerous articles, blog posts and an email newsletter filled with fat burning tips and tricks. Poulos has helped hundreds of thousands to lose weight safely, naturally and permanently.

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