The Overview Effect — Chris Cooper Interviews Space Philosopher Frank White


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 09/26/2023 --VoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet talk radio, proudly announced today the upcoming radio program and podcast "The Business Elevation Show" exclusive series episode "The Overview Effect" with host Chris Cooper.

Chris Cooper, host of The Business Elevation Show is joined by guest, space philosopher, author, and communications consultant, Frank White. Chris and Frank will have a mind-expanding conversation exploring space's untapped potential in steering transformative business and leadership pathways, including the potential for humans living off the planet as "Citizens of the Universe."

Tune in on Friday, September 29, 2023. To listen live at:

This episode will broadcast on September 29, 2023 at 8am Pacific (11am Eastern) on and is then available from the archive within 24 hours on-demand. The Business Elevation Show (now in its 10th year) is one of the most listened to business shows on VoiceAmerica providing inspiration and advice for succeeding in your business and personal ventures and underpinned by doing business for good. Chris Cooper's extensive experience working with business leaders from major corporate brands to small entrepreneurial start-ups developing performance through people provides the facilitation for his guests to share their key learning's and insights to benefit businesspeople of all levels. Show topics include a huge range of business and personal development topics and features inspiration and practical advice from high achieving leaders, international speakers, successful sports, media and entertainment personalities. The Business Elevation Show is broadcast live every Friday at 8am Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. Listen at to hear Chris Cooper's discussions with successful and enlightening guests live and on demand.

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About Frank White
Frank White has authored or co-authored numerous books on topics ranging from space exploration to climate change to artificial intelligence. His best-known work, "The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution," is considered by many to be a seminal work in the field of space exploration. A film called "Overview," based largely on his work, has had some 8 million plays on Vimeo.

Since the first edition of his book on the subject was published in 1987, "the Overview Effect" has become a standard term for describing the spaceflight experience. The fourth edition of "The Overview Effect," including original interviews with 31 astronauts, was published in in 2021.

White considers himself to be a "space philosopher," and has long advocated developing a new philosophy of space exploration. His book on this topic, "The Cosma Hypothesis: Implications of the Overview Effect," was published in 2019. In it, he asks the fundamental question, "What is the purpose of human space exploration? Why has the evolutionary process brought humanity to the brink of becoming a spacefaring species?"

In the book, he shares the idea of "the Human Space Program" as a "central project" that will engage all of us in the process of becoming "Citizens of the Universe."

Frank lives in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts.

About Chris Cooper
Chris elevates business success as a behavioral strategist, mentor, and facilitator, developing leaders and teams while building highly engaged workforces, particularly in the insurance, financial services, and hospitality sectors. The results of his work have had such an impact that one client even named a road after him. He founded the "Business Elevation Show" on VoiceAmerica in 2011, establishing a massive network of global connections and an audience in over 50 countries. He also speaks and contributes to the media on topics such as "Elevating Leadership," "Engagement," and his book "The Power to Get Things Done (Whether You Feel Like It or Not)," published by Penguin Random House (New York). He is also the founder of "The Elevation Collective," an exclusive network for business change-makers.

Prior to this, Chris began his career working for global brands such as Mars, United Biscuits, and Punch, eventually reaching board level. Chris is a fellow and former Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK. To contact Chris, you can reach out to him at

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