How Tawazun Health Is Leading the Way in Liver Health and Wellness

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Tawazun Health stands at the forefront of addressing liver disease, particularly the growing concern of fatty liver disease, with its innovative approach and use of FibroScan technology. Recognised globally for its expertise, Tawazun Health builds on extensive research, noted in over 4,800 peer-reviewed publications, to transform understanding and treatment approaches for liver health.

The Global Impact of Fatty Liver Disease

The prevalence and impact of Fatty Liver Disease (FLD) are staggering, with an estimated 1,235,700 people worldwide diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). This condition is alarmingly common in working adults, where 1 in 3 individuals show elevated liver fattiness in FibroScan results. FLD is not confined to adults, but it's estimated that 33% of the world's population, including 13% of those under 18, are affected by this condition.

FLD is more than a liver condition, it significantly impacts overall health. For instance, 20% of individuals with FLD face an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. The economic burden of FLD is immense, with the United States alone spending approximately $103 billion annually on its management. Similarly, substantial financial impacts are seen in Europe, with countries like Germany, France, and Italy spending €27.7 billion and the UK incurring costs of about £5.24 billion every year.
These statistics highlight the urgent need for widespread awareness, early detection, and effective management of FLD. Tawazun Health's commitment to providing accessible and accurate liver health screening is crucial in addressing this global health challenge.

FibroScan: A New Global Standard in Liver Health Screening

FibroScan has emerged as the new global standard for liver health screening, a testament to its reliability and efficacy. With over 4,800 peer-reviewed publications and recommendations in 180 clinical guidelines globally, FibroScan is a proven, trusted process in the medical community. Tawazun Health's partnership in offering FibroScan represents an opportunity for health screening companies to be at the forefront of this advanced technology.

The efficiency of FibroScan is unmatched, requiring only 15 minutes per patient to deliver instant results. This rapid, non-invasive screening process uses shear wave technology to analyse liver tissue, providing accurate liver fattiness and stiffness scores. It's more precise than traditional blood tests, involves no patient discomfort, and the results are available immediately. The user-friendly 'traffic light' scoring system effectively communicates liver health status, encouraging patients to adopt healthier lifestyles.
With the rise of Fatty Liver Disease affecting 1 in 3 people worldwide, FibroScan offers a crucial tool for early detection and management. Tawazun Health, led by the esteemed Louise Campbell, provides health screening companies with the means to combat the Fatty Liver Pandemic, ensuring quality, convenience, and patient comfort in liver health checks.

Leadership and Advocacy

At the helm of Tawazun Health is Hepatology Nurse Consultant, Patient Advocate, and Clinical Director Louise Campbell, who brings over 40 years of healthcare industry experience. Her comprehensive expertise, combined with her role as a government advisor, podcast co-host, and patient advocate, positions Tawazun Health uniquely in the liver health sector. Her achievements, particularly in developing the largest FibroScan service in the NHS, underscore Tawazun Health's commitment to improved care and diagnosis for liver disease.
Tawazun Health is dedicated to developing cutting-edge liver scan solutions. The company's core purpose revolves around discovering innovative approaches to liver health assessment, developing advanced diagnostic solutions, and delivering vital health data. This dedication benefits individuals and aids healthcare providers in offering more effective treatments and preventive measures for liver diseases.

The Meaning Behind Tawazun

The name 'Tawazun', meaning "balance" and "a search for equilibrium" in Arabic and Urdu, reflects the company's philosophy. Tawazun Health views the liver as a critical component in maintaining the body's health equilibrium, emphasising the balance of science and healthy lifestyle choices in sustaining its functions.
Commitment to Healthier Living

Tawazun Health's mission to empower individuals with knowledge and resources aligns with its commitment to enabling healthier and longer lives. Whether through research, accessible liver health screenings, or public health education, the company's dedication to healthier living is evident in its operations.
In conclusion, Tawazun Health's comprehensive approach, combining cutting-edge technology, regulatory compliance, experienced leadership, and a deep commitment to public health, positions it as a leader in liver health and wellness, paving the way for a future where liver health is accessible and manageable for all.

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About Tawazun Health
TAWAZUN is taken from the Arabic and Urdu languages with a meaning of balance and the search for equilibrium.
For your body to work at its highest levels and maintain your health, it tries to keep you in equilibrium and balance, and your liver is essential.

Everyday, with your lifestyle choices, you can choose to help keep your body in balance or give it a challenge.
Assessing the liver for its equilibrium and balance allows everyone the opportunity to moderate what they can to assist in keeping themselves healthy.

With the growing epidemic of Lifestyle-related conditions > 500 million people with Type 2 Diabetes and the most significant cause of death in individuals with fatty liver is Heart Disease, the need to know our own liver condition has never been more excellent. We then have an informed choice for both ourselves and our children.

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