Inland Valley Insurance Broker Moves to Reward Community Heroes Thanks to New Initiative

Wildomar, CA -- (SBWire) -- 04/25/2012 --When people think of compassion and community spirit, it may be that insurance products don’t spring immediately to mind. While providing essential protection against a long list of life’s hiccups, it isn’t a regular occurrence that insurance companies or brokers hit the headlines in relation to community work.

For those that know Scott Becker and the team at SGB Insurance Services, however, it’s no surprise to see them develop and support an innovative program for those in their local communities that reach out and help others in need. For a team that’s worked in the Inland Valley area for over 20 years providing essential insurance products to his friends, neighbours, community and small business owners, Scott Becker and company have become what many people would associate with the more altruistic small businesses in the inland valley area of Riverside County.

SGB’s commitment to their local community was further reinforced in early March with the launch of their ‘Pay it Forward for Me SGB’ project. Understanding that the backbone of local communities is often the selfless way many people dedicate themselves to helping less fortunate others, Scott and SGB decided they wanted to give something back. The result? Residents of various Inland Valley communities can nominate their favorite ‘Unsung Hero’ online, someone who selflessly works towards improving their community by helping others in need. As residents nominate, vote for and elect the most worthy candidate, SGB will “Pay It Forward” for the community a $250.00 check and certificate of recognition to the winner on behalf of a thankful public. Full Pay It Forward for Me SGB details are available through their website, at

With this generous but unusual move, many are curious as to the motivation of Mr. Becker and SGB in launching such an impressive initiative. Like many acts of generosity, this one began at home. “My wife founded an outreach horse riding program to help underprivileged teenage girls,” Mr. Becker recently commented. “She does this without reward, recognition or notoriety. I started thinking about all the small outreach programs, their founders and volunteers that are struggling financially and the idea of “Pay It Forward for Me SGB” was born.”

So while high-profile organizations and charities collect the majority of community-related donations, Scott Becker thinks it’s essential that his SGB Insurance Service, Inc. rewards local unsung heroes. In many respects the backbone of small close-knit communities is clearly the work done so selflessly by so many. Finally, the founders of small, dedicated outreach programs, those who give their time and aid to people in need, heroes who come in all forms – these people can now be identified and rewarded for their efforts, all thanks to the input of Inland Valley residents and the financial support of Scott Becker and his committed team at SGB Insurance Services.

So for those who want to be a part of such a unique idea, it’s easy; a quick visit to the SGB Insurance Services website will explain the online nomination and voting processes in detail. For those who want to share the news with a wider audience, it’s effortless to share SGB’s Pay It Forward from the SGB Facebook Fan Page. Each month, residents and SGB will have the joy of collaborating on making the Inland Valley community a better place.

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SGB Insurance Services is an Inland Valley insurance brokerage specializing in sourcing high-quality and affordable insurance products to the residents of Murrieta California and surrounds. Founder Scott Becker has recently launched an initiative whereby regular, community-nominated grants will be funded by SGB to support the tireless, selfless work of so many unrecognized unsung heroes within the Inland Valley area. Inspired by the work of his wife and so many others, Scott Becker wants to give something back to those the community feels most deserving. For more information, visit

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