The Mysteries of Humanity, Science and Religion Get a New Look at begins highlighting new, exciting, and never before published theories about Humanity, Science and Religion.

Miami, FL -- (SBWire) -- 04/27/2012 --For as long as man has walked the Earth as a critical thinker, he has pondered the world around him, over time examining, observing and commenting on his surroundings. Eventually systems and practices were developed that continue to be debated to this day. Ideas surrounding Science, Religion and Humanity present some of the most thought provoking, controversial and interesting notions around and free thinkers are always developing new theories.

Recently and new and creative website, began highlighting new, exciting, and never before published theories about Humanity, Science and Religion. The website is a complete resource for the latest line of thinking on these three important topics. examines the true nature of religious heritage. What makes the various religions the same? What makes them different? What do the prophets from different religions have in common? The website’s Religions Page allows visitors to learn more about the latest scientific theories about religious origins. is an excellent source of information about the latest ways of thinking about all aspects of science. A major topic of conversation centers on the modern theories about gravitation. The Gravitation Page discusses gravitation and how it gives light to the broader space program. The space program seems to gain strength when individuals grasp the true meaning of gravitation. Gravitation allows humans to fly higher, faster, and farther than ever before.

Human Services and Healthcare reform is something that affects every individual and through its Human Services Page is the source for the most modern proposals centered on healthcare reform including the debate about investing in health as much as society invests in safety.

The never-before-published articles on serve to enlighten and intrigue and bring the reader along on a ride to the miracle of the Space Age!

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