What Is Multi- Platinum R&B Group Champaign Doing

Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWire) -- 04/30/2012 --Pauli Carman, lead singer and the driving force behind 80’s Super-group Champaign, to help MuzArt World Foundation reach schools, and communities across the country with the poignant message and music of Each One Teach One. This catalog includes over 900 Top Ten Billboard charting hit songs that represent a chronology of what has made American music what it is today. Household legends in popular music such as Bill Haley, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, and Alice Cooper, are just a few of the names that grace the pop catalog.

One of the first artist from the extraordinary list of legendary songs is Multi-Platinum R&B vocalist

Pauli Carman, of Champaign. Pauli, who served as a teacher after leaving the stage in 1985 resonated with the whole mission designed by Muzart World Foundation, and the need to continue the legacy of music, and art education.

Rounding up the band for a return to the stage was the right thing to do according to Carman. When asked what attracted him to MuzArt Pauli replied, “What attracted me to the Muzart foundation most, was the fact that there really are people willing to stand up to fight for the rights of those who can't (The Children). The Children of today are our future and they have the right to the best education, and the right to succeed in all areas that they choose, including and especially music, and the arts. Music for me is my passion it has been a way of expression, communication, and a feeling of self worth and success in my life since I was a child. Without the experience, I would never of had the opportunity to become a well known Multi-Platinum artist nor, would I know the importance it serves in education as a teacher.” Recently, from the UK a comment was placed asking what Champaign is doing?

Clearly we can see that they are setting the stage for what all American's, and especially those in the
arts, and those who are in education should be doing. Rallying around Muzart World Foundation, in support of the legacy of music, and art education. It is no secret that American education is in turmoil, jobs are being stomped out daily. We as American's can not afford not to educate our future. Children everywhere will suffer this catastrophic loss if blinders on the eyes of our nation does not understand the needs, and the benefits of the arts. Music has always set the tone for our lives in celebration of those things that mean the most to us all. Those things that connect our emotions to those special moments in time, marking our memories.. If music is shut down what will our world sound like? Think about it?

Muzart founder Pat Melfi, is offering a scholarship program to be named after those artist whose hearts are bigger then they are. Those who understand their responsibility to their viewers, supporters and fans.

Those who understand what their partnering Company Conscious Music Entertainment, seems to get that no child should have to take second seat to those programs that set the tone for their future. Music is more than the arts it is life. Our children are our biggest assets so why are we not feeding our children knowledge if they are hungry to learn?

We owe them the opportunity to be the next generation of great musicians, vocalist, and songwriters, We owe them an opportunity to understand the complexities of higher learning, and its relationship to music and the arts. We owe this world the support to continue the legacy of music education. Those wishing to learn how they can get involved with this musical mission can contact Muzart World Foundation Founder Pat Melfi at: patmelfi@comcast.net Milliea McKinney CEO at: consciousmusicentertainment@gmail.com You can also, support by 'Liking them on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/muzartworldfoundation & http://www.facebook.com/pages/Conscious-Music-Entertainment/159680840754576 ... other links include http://www.muzartworld.org and www.consciousmusic.webs.com

Champaign, is currently in the studio recording, and is expected to begin their tour shortly no exact date has be released at this time but, sources tell us that they are currently booking the tour. One thing for sure when they do hit the stage they certainly will have a profound message to deliver on behalf of our children everywhere. Cacayorin, Creative Director Platinum Music Libraries Telephone : 330-333-2498 Email: Platinum Music Libraries has an extensive classic music catalog of historic master recordings that include well over 5,000 legendary songs.

Conscious Music Entertainment is a full-service musical agency representing musicians and vocal talents of all ages. Specializing in classic talent that understands the responsibility that goes along with the art and the legacy of entertaining. We see ourselves as treasure hunters for the classic positive artist that can role model, and enhance those talented fresh faces for the legacies of fine enjoyable entertainment the whole family can enjoy. That which meet our clients' requirements exactly. This philosophy has made us a very successful independent agency that is respected in the industry. We currently represent the classic legendary talents working for large clients from various industries. If you are serious about entertainment we are the agency that can meet your needs.

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