Innovative New Real Estate Project Unlocks Lucrative Short Sale Market for Americans Everywhere

Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 05/01/2012 --When the real estate market gets complicated some falter, while others like Seth Rich meet the challenge head on. Already a successful realtor in investment properties, Seth saw the emergence of the short sale market and found his skills were well suited to clients trying to navigate the complex procedures these properties require. His new endeavour Shortsaleopedia, an advocacy group for fair practice in short sales is helping homeowners through this process nationwide.

With a degree from UCLA and a MBA from Purdue, Seth, an agent with Realty Executives in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an expert in finance with an incredible eye for detail. “When I first started in real estate, I saw that my skill set was unique in this industry,” he explains. “I offer my clients a complete financial analysis of the property they’re investing in. Even for those clients who have bought and sold several properties, the analysis is a wow factor for them,” he adds. His company, Invest in Arizona Properties, in Scottsdale, offers this high level analysis to all of their clients, an invaluable resource, particularly for those new to the area. “It’s typical for investors to be from out of state or even out of the country,” he says. “If they can’t see the property, this is the next best thing. They are absolutely floored by the level of detail in the analysis.” Seth’s practical, common sense approach to the business puts his clients at ease knowing they are in capable, seasoned hands and that their transaction will be handled with the utmost professionalism and respect.

It was exactly this sentiment that Seth thought was missing from the shortsale market. “It was hard not to see the short sale market coming,” explains Seth. “I learned as much as I could about the process and in two and a half years I mastered it, closing over 70 deals with a success rate of 98%.” It soon became apparent that Seth’s process was the exception and not the rule with many people finding themselves without a reliable source for information or help getting through the negotiations that these transactions require. “We started Shortsaleopedia as a way to help get clients into the right hands,” he says. “It’s so easy for people to be taken advantage of when they don’t have the right information. This site serves as a guide for the homeowner that can connect them with experts who can help.”

Seth has built the site from the ground up, creating a network of professionals willing to extend their services. “We already have over 350 vetted participants including lawyers, CPAs, loan officers and agents with advanced education and experience in short sales,” he says. “All of them are willing to fight the fight for the homeowner.” Every participant has been reviewed with an eye towards their success rate with short sales, their experience across a wide variety of properties and banks, and most importantly, their integrity. Homeowners can visit the site, ask questions, or research the process for free knowing that they’re receiving quality advice from professionals.

As many investors were still asking themselves what is a short sale, perhaps the biggest benefit of Shortsaleopedia is the opportunity for homeowners to connect directly with these professionals. “We’ve organized local events all around the country where homeowners can meet face to face with our panel of experts,” says Seth. “It’s been a great experience for everyone involved. The homeowner receives support through this difficult financial time and for the agents and other professionals it’s a great way to make contacts in the community and potentially sign on new clients.” The events are free with the services provided pro-bono. “I knew there were lots of good people out there who wanted to be part of the solution, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the response of my colleagues,” he says. “They have far exceeded my expectations in their generosity and empathy for these clients.”

Seth hopes to grow the number of participants from 350 to as many as 2,500 select professionals to cover every major metropolitan area. He is also looking for more agents willing to build regional networks like his own. “I’d love to have 150 more people doing the same job I am, setting up new contacts and vetting local professionals.” he says. “We have automated tools available to get new chapters established and connect them to ours. Hopefully we can get this going nationwide.” Programs like this one have the power to improve the overall health of the real estate market while raising the bar for the standard of ethics among brokers and agents.

About Shortsaleopedia
Shortsaleopedia was launched with the mission to provide a much-needed bridge between industry professionals and clients seeking to enter the exciting new world of real estate short sales. By providing visitors with access to an extensive list of expert industry contacts with extensive experience in the field of short sales – something many in the real estate sector don’t possess – agent Seth Rich has created perhaps the most useful resource ever launched for those eager to take advantage of the booming short sales market. For more information, visit

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