Vibrostation Sales Increasing Across the UK

Manchester, UK -- (SBWire) -- 05/02/2012 --Vibrostation Vibration Training equipment has seen markedly increased sales throughout the UK and the world as many learn of its exercise effectiveness over other vibration plates and fitness tools. Vibrostation has a full range of vibration plates for home and commercial use that condense one hour in the gym into ten minutes. The online UK supplier offers two different vibration styles (vertical and pivotal systems).

Vibration training has become the 'Buzz' word in the Health and Fitness industry. Since its 2004 development stage, Vibrostation has become the leading seller and maker of vibration training systems for home and commercial gyms. Vibrostation works by generating vibrations that are transferred to the body which cause the muscles to involuntarily contract between 30-45 times per second depending on chosen setting. “Almost 100 percent of the muscles in the body are exercised using Vibrostation, unlike conventional training methods that only reach 40-55 percent,” said a Vibrostation specialist.

A 10-minute complete workout on the Vibrostation is equivalent to a full hour in the gym and requires very little effort with no sweating, which makes the device ideal for workouts before or after work hours. Vibrostation helps to improve weight management, muscle development, the skin and blood circulation in addition to many other health benefits. Training with any Vibrostation vibration plate is low impact and due to the shorter training time, the joints, ligaments and tendons are put under far less pressure.

Vibrostation is only available to buy direct from their website or sales line. This cuts out the wholesaler and retailer in the distribution chain thereby making it much cheaper than other brands that typically cost upwards of 75 percent more.

The 'Original' Vibrostation training plate is the most cost efficient device available to introduce 'serious' vibration training in to your home, apartment or business. The Vibrostation Pro Machine is designed for commercial use and the most rigorous workouts in any environment. Vibrostation Studio System and Vibrostation Studio System Plus are designed for commercial use and utilise a different vibration mechanism to many other vibration plates while adding a number of unique features.

In addition to full training advice and instructional DVD, Vibrostation offers 0% Financing, a 28-Day Money-Back Guarantee, free delivery and installation as well as full onsite warranty (three-year home or one-year commercial). For more information, please visit

About Vibrostation
Vibrostation are a leading UK supplier of vibration plates. They have been developing the machine since 2004 and attest that it is the best machine on the market in its price range. A Manchester, England showroom allows users to try the equipment before buying. Vibrostation is the Trademark and brand of Mediworx Ltd who distribute the Vibrostation range exclusively online and ‘direct’ to the end user.

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