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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/03/2012 --Health and Fitness have never been more popular, as an expanding and aging population has seen the benefits of scientific insights into health and nutrition, while simultaneously witnessing a proliferation of fat-rich fast foods, creating parallel booms in fitness awareness and obesity levels. This social dissonance has created a boom in the public interest for fitness, and DualFit aims to give the public what they want by interviewing positive role-models and getting their insight into the best approaches on diet and exercise.

Recently, DualFit scored an exclusive online interview, second only after USA Today, with three time New York Times Bestselling author AJ Jacobs, author of “A Year of Living Biblically” and his new title, “Drop Dead Healthy”. In the first, he writes extensively about High Intensity Interval Training, a method of short, intense bursts of hardcore exercise with decreasing recovery times to use time in the gym to maximum effect.

AJ Jacobs is the editor of Esquire magazine, who lives life as a series of experiments before writing about the results. Previous experiments included outsourcing his life to India (right down to reading his children’s bedtime stories) and living for a year taking the rules of the Bible as literally as possible.

DualFit interviewed him about his latest book, Drop Dead Healthy, which explains his ‘humble quest for bodily perfection’. The topic is right at home with DualFit’s passion for fitness and constant search for positive role-models, proving even busy magazine editors who supposedly spend a lifetime at their desk can live a fit and active lifestyle.

From the interview on the DualFit website, it’s clear AJ approached fitness with his typical gusto, “I figured, okay, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to go ALL IN. I’m going to follow every piece of medical advice, and see what works. I’m going to revamp my diet, exercise regimen, sleep schedule, stress level, sex life, you name it.”

AJ goes on to talk about the way HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) works for him, and the tricks he discovered helped him along the way, as well as the traditionally accept practices that got in his way. DualFit also give their verdict on the book, “The book kept us hooked from the very first page. It was extremely informative and A.J’s immersion in the traditional and non-traditional health concepts left us in tears of laughter.”

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