Brings Explanations of Services and Quick Access to Everyone's Local Provider

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWire) -- 05/07/2012 --Finally, individuals and families have a single source to find the best cable and Internet services no matter where they are in the country via the new website The Cable Internet website provides detailed information about cable Internet services, the major cable providers in the U.S. and their packages as well as an easy way to find the service provider for every zip code.

Whether families or individuals are moving to a new home or just looking for the best deal on cable and Internet services, the task of finding the best deal can seem daunting. The new website brings all of the information together in one place so that everyone can learn about cable and Internet services while easily finding the local Cable Internet providers in their area. “Our goal is not only to help people understand cable services and bundles but to make it simple to find their local provider with the lowest pricing for what they want,” said a representative.

The website starts by providing detailed information about exactly what cable Internet is and how it stacks up against the alternatives for accessing the Internet, phone services and cable television. Each service is discussed thoroughly to give readers a complete understanding of how they work and the potential choices that they may provide. The website then delves into the concept of bundled services.

Cable Internet bundles allow consumers to take advantage of the already superior cost-to-speed ratio of cable Internet and experience even larger discounts by bundling their services in with TV and phone services. The website provides an explanation of terms they are likely to encounter such as single play, double play and of course, bundle. Bundle configurations are discussed as well as add-on services such as technical support and online backup.

Upload and download speeds for Cable Internet and the benefits of faster speeds are explained. Once readers understand the value of Cable Internet, the website provides its most important tool to find the cable Internet providers in their area. Website visitors merely input their address and zip code in a text box, and they are immediately taken to the provider in their area. For more information, please visit

The website has detailed information about the major cable providers such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox and Charter, their packages and what to look for. Visitors can search for information about cable Internet, providers, bundles and services. They can quickly input their address and zip to get immediate access to service providers in their area. Readers can also read actual cable provider and package user reviews.

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