Scott Greenlaw Gives Advice on Recent Mortgage Changes

San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/07/2012 --Federal Housing Administration mortgages have long been a way for those with bad credit who can’t make up front payments to secure their homes to be able to get on the property ladder. The FHA was created in the depression of the 1930s, when a great number of loans were defaulted upon and lenders ceased to offer loans.

This situation is not all that different from the global recession we have recently experienced, with mortgages and so-called irresponsible lending leading to mass defaults on mortgages, which in turn has caused lenders to tighten their fists around the money they’re willing to lend.

Scott Greenlaw, a businessman from Seattle, is an expert on mortgages and has released a YouTube channel at which will aim to help to guide people to his political website, but his policies have proven controversial.

Scott is also an active politician, and is under fire from a campaign who disagrees with the working agreements between federal agencies and the people who need them. Scott Greenlaw’s Youtube offers a video tour of his website to help people looking for advice to find it, and to get involved with his campaign. The video also shows you where and how to connect with him on Facebook, making him easily identifiable to users through high quality imagery, and shows his contributions on senoreconomics, a popular Hispanic business blog that criticises his policies, showing he is not going to shy away from the big issues and the argument he’ll face.

He recently won a tough debate on this and other issues affecting the nation, and is passionate about making sure that the complex legal jargon and statistical data employed in describing changes to government agency policies does not prevent people from having a clear understanding of what it means to them in real terms.

Scott explained to us that these mortgage insurance schemes have changed, and may now carry an unexpected sting in their tail, “Back in April, FHA mortgage insurance premiums for annual and upfront mortgage insurance schemes were dramatically increased for purchase and refinance schemes. Upfront mortgage insurance premiums have increased to 1.75%, and annual payments have gone up to 1.2%. Basically, if you weren’t aware of this increase, you had better check with your provider to make sure your previous approval still counts.”

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Scott Greenlaw is a business man from Seattle, Washington who has made excellent strides in the field of mortgages. For more information visit Scott Greenlaw Youtube

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