Is Your Spanish Business Duly Protected Against Your Competitors

Is Your Spanish Business Duly Protected Against Your Competitors? Use the efficient services of the Spanish lawyers of Arcos & Lamers Asociados to make sure this is done!


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May be you are not aware of it, but you are not the owner of the trade mark of your business, until the same has been duly registered at the Spanish Registry for Marks (Registro de Marcas). 

In Spain, the trade marks, application and registration of the marks, is regulated by the Law 17/2001 granted on the 7th December 2001, called Ley de Marcas. 

The application and the granting of the trade mark is registered in a special Spanish registry called Registro de Marcas (Registry for Marks), which covers the total Spanish Territory. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Arcos & Lamers Asociados, your Spanish Lawyers in Marbella who will help you out efficiently with the registration of your Spanish and or European trade mark. 

Who can apply for the registration of the mark? 
Individuals or companies resident in Spain or non resident but with an industrial or commercial establishment in Spain, are entitled to present the application for the registration. 

The specialized Marbella lawyers and advisers of Arcos & Lamers Asociados will have the pleasure to assist you efficiently with regards to the application, granting and registration of your business trade mark. Do not hesitate to approach them at

What is exactly the Spanish definition of a trade mark? 
As per article number 4 of the Spanish Law 17/2012, a trade mark is any sign which can be represented by a graphic, which serves to distinguish in the market, the goods or service of one company from those of other companies. 

The sign could be: 

- A word, a name.
- Images, symbols and drawings.
- Letters and figures and its combinations.
- Three-dimensional shapes wrapping, packaging, product form.
- Any combination of all of them.

The Marbella lawyers and advisers of Arcos & Lamers Asociados settled at the Costa del Sol are specialized in advising any private or institutional clients providing additional guaranties to their businesses by means of the registration of their trade marks. 

As mentioned by these Spanish lawyers, for a business in the province of Málaga, the application has to be presented at the Offices of the Registry in Málaga and in the documentation will appear a official stamp, the application number, the date, the hour and the minute of the presentation of the application. 

The requirements for the application are: \

- The form provided by the Ministry of Industria, Turismo and Comercio.

- Identification of the applicant, including identity card or passport.

- Details of the establishment were the activity is going to be carried out.

- The mark, with specification of the colours.(sound)

- The products or services. International Agreement regulating the services.

- Payment of a duty depending on the number of services 

How long does it take to receive and answer from the Authorities? 

As per the experience of the Spanish Lawyers, accountants and business advisers of Arcos & Lamers Asociados, to obtain a positive answer granting the mark, it could take up to 12 months. If the procedure is stopped because a requirement is missing or a claim is presented, 20 months. 

If you are willing to renew your existing mark, it could take between  8 and  12 months. 

There is an initial communication in approx. 2 months that the application is accepted or rejected. The registration could take up to one year. 

For how long is the mark granted in Spain? 

The registration of the mark is granted for 10 years since the application,  and it can be renewed each 10 years. 

What are the benefits for registering your mark in Spain? 

- The exclusive use of the mark. 
- The possibility to stop by third parties the use of the mark for identical or similar services and products, or to different products in the case that it is a well known mark. 

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