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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/14/2012 --Founded in 2000, provides users with high-quality, relevant content for their everyday lives. Since its inception, the site and its brand, has continued to be synonymous with trustworthy, useful and friendly information to help busy moms be the nest moms they can be.

The site provides a comprehensive library of information from recipes, parenting and health information to videos about what to feed picky eaters. The high-quality content helps its audience transform their meals, entertainment, parenting and their lives in general for the better.

In addition to these features, the site recently expanded to include lists of names for girls and boys, as well as advice for naming a child. The new section, baby names at Moms Who Think, offers posts including names for children from the last century -- broken down by decade -- popular baby names, tips for naming a child and unique baby names.

According to, “Future charmer baby names for boys and girls include: Brad, Brett, Chance, David, Deryn, Devean, Duncan for boys and Ajana, Bead, Bridget, Chandi, Coco, Dancy, Denisefor girls, among others.”

With addition of the new feature section on the site, parents are now able to easily search vintage and new names, as well as learn the history and meaning behind a specific moniker.

“Some people choose to create unique baby names on their own, or customize the spelling of more popular names,” said a spokesperson. “One example for a baby girl is Alison, which can be spelled as Alison, Allyson, Alyson and Allison. Yet when taken to the extreme the hunt for a baby names that are unique can often lead to some very curious variants”.

“So what should a parent look for when choosing a unique baby name for their baby? Well, parents who are looking for a unique name for their child will often be looking for ones that are unusual, individual and a little bit different from the run of the mill names. They are looking for a name that will stand out in a crowd and certainly have some basis in the English language.”

According to the site, when searching for baby names, it is best to avoid names that are part of a trend. “Names that contain Aden within them, such as Aiden, Caden, Jaden, Braden and Hayden, seem to be the latest trend. Instead, if you chose a name such as Zayden or Rayden you will be using a unique baby name, but one which will still be trendy.” takes a different stance when connecting with its audience. Unlike other sites it doesn’t use low value content such as gossip to drive visitors to the site. The site focuses and is committed to only delivering content that is useful to its loyal and highly engaged readers. is convinced this strategy has produced such an engaging community on the site. connects with more than three million highly engaged readers each month. This demographic is part of an influential “sheconomy” that makes most of the purchasing decisions for their household. MomsWhoThink is designed and created with the highest of standards at all times.

Through tireless research and development, MomsWhoThink has grown in reach by more than 80 percent year to year. It continuously provides new and better solutions for all the issues that families look to solve every day. With diverse areas of expertise and a growing loyal user base over multiple platforms, MomsWhoThink is committed to helping parents make the best decisions for their families.

About is dedicated to providing the highest quality lifestyle information including parenting, diet and nutrition, celebrations, health and pregnancy to moms. Founded in 2000, provides users with high-quality, relevant content for their everyday lives. The MomsWhoThink brand is identified with reliability and trust, and with dependability its users count on. For information about, visit

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