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San Diego, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/18/2012 --Fable Photo and Video, an award winning wedding photographer in San Diego, has redoubled their efforts to help wedding partners capture their dream weddings. San Diego's location offers a wide array of choices for wedding planners, some of them quite unusual. Wedding photographers and videographers need to keep in tip-top shape and on top of their game to successfully record some events. A memorable day for the wedding couple may also be a day to remember for the San Diego wedding photographer. People across the country choose San Diego for their weddings--the sea, the sun and the expertise of wedding photographers are often deciding factors.

Captured in Print

Special moments abound during a wedding, and wedding photographers need to be ready to capture them. They slip in with the children, or show up in the bridesmaid's line, or even in the audience--memories, keepsakes, something to look at long down the road. This is the wedding photographer's charge: keep the memories that are being made. It's because of the unique nature of the surroundings that San Diego wedding photography is often so spectacular. Nature itself has given them a lot to work with.

Captured in Movement

Top of the line skills are important in capturing images, whether they are still or moving. An expert San Diego wedding videographer uses the latest equipment as a matter of course, but it's their good eye that makes the difference. Knowing what to include in the shot, when to deliberately make the camera shaky, and when to keep it still as a rock are all needed videography skills. These wedding photographers have been tried in the varied conditions of San Diego weddings, and are ready for anything.

Captured Forever

Neither the wedding party nor the San Diego wedding photographers or videographers themselves know which image will be The One. The one that gets framed replicated and sent to friends and family. Or the one that has only one copy, just for the two who made their vows. What is in the hands of the wedding photographers and videographers is to make sure that The One shot--is not one of the lost shots. Experience, practice, and attention to detail and attention to that certain inner something gives wedding photographers the best chance at capturing that enduring image.

Captured in San Diego

Fable Photo and Video stays on top because the photographers have learned to work with the scenery. Beaches look beautiful in the view-finder of a camera, but are sometimes surprisingly dull in the final picture. Add the wedding party to the beach, the various garment colors; the sun and the wash of the water and getting the right shot can be even more difficult. Professional wedding photographers go that extra mile to get the colors right, to ensure the perfect placement and to make it all seem as natural as breathing. The videographers may seem to have it easier; capturing the moving images as they appear across their screen, but this is not necessarily the case. Only the best is acceptable for San Diego weddings--good enough is not enough.

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Fable Photo & Video Productions is a leading San Diego wedding photographer company. We understand how important moments in time can be and how those moments can live on for a lifetime. We capture your special day in a unique and special way like no other. Then present it to you on DVD or Blu-Ray with flush mount albums and high quality prints.

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