Longevity Welders Announces Heavy Discounts On TIG Welding Services

Welding process has been in use for a very long time. Untill the end of the 19th century the only welding known was forge welding. The process had earlier been used by blacksmiths since centuries.

Hayward, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/17/2012 --"We feel really proud to announce a discount scheme for all our faithful customers who have helped us improve our TIG Welding services in the whole country and considered us reliable whenever any such need called." said, Simon Katz, President, Longevity Welding. Also he took the dice and explained everything about TIG welding from its working to History like nobody else can. Welding is the process of fabrication used worldwide for joining materials, most often metal and thermoplastics. The process involves melting the pieces of metal and in turn adding filler material which after cooling becomes very strong. The process of welding is entirely different for brazing or soldering, which involve melting a material which comes along a lower melting point. This forms a bond between the work piece and such material. On the other hand welding is the process wherein the work piece itself is melted to form a strong bond. Welding process all over the world brings into usage different energy sources like electric arc, gas flame, ultrasound, friction, laser and electron beam. In the industrial field the welding process may be carried out in different environments like outer space, under water or even open air. It should be noted that regardless of the location, welding process is a very dangerous task and full precautions must be taken in order to avoid electric shocks, burns and even damaged eyes.

The welding process has been in use for a very long time. Till the end of 19th century the only welding known was forge welding. The process had earlier been used by blacksmiths since centuries. On the other hand oxyfuel welding and arc welding were some of the later development during the century, soon after resistance welding found its way. The process of welding gained a lot of popularity during the 20th century driven by the demands of World Wars. This was the time period which gave rise to some cheap yet effective methods of welding. Following this period several other methods were also developed.

TIG welder history dates back to the 20th century. This is the process wherein an electronic arc is brought into usage for welding the two metal surfaces. TIG- Tungsten Inert Gas is the process which uses an arc surrounded by gas mixture or inert gas. The welders can bring into use a filler material if required. Till date theTIG welding process is the most flexible and highly recommended one in the market. The main purpose of the gas is the protection of molten weld and the electrode from the surrounding environment. The gas hugely affects the appearance of the end use metal and helps in making the process cheaper and more economical.

Typically a mixture of helium and argon is brought into use during the TIG welding process. In some cases gases like nitrogen and hydrogen are also brought into usage for the same. The best part of TIG welding is that is can be done using both AC and DC current. Both the above stated currents come along respective advantages and disadvantages. Normally materials like pressure vessels, pipes and heat exchangers are brought into usage for welding. The welding process is greatly used in the electronic industry and is suitable for welding small objects and thin metals. High weld quality, very little spatter and no presence of slag surface are some of the noted benefits of TIG welding. Good quality TIG Welders are available for purchase or rent with reputed online dealers, Longevity Welding.

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