Gamification 2012 - 2017: Opportunities and Market Outlook for Next Generation Brand/Product Advertising through Embedded Entertainment


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh -- (SBWire) -- 05/29/2012 --Embedded gaming or ""Gamification"" is a next generation advertising approach in which gaming elements are integrated into a non-game environment.

Gamification represents a promising strategy for public and commercial brands to increase customer activity, build loyalty, broaden reach and monetize assets.

Mind Commerce projects Gamification growth to reach $3.6 billion by 2017. It is also estimated that by 2017, 80% of Global 2000 organizations will have gamified applications and/or processes.

The goal of Gamification is to maximum user brand/product engagement through facilitation of entertainment in which the user interacts with the brand in a fun/pleasurable manner. One of the keys to success is to assess user behavioral patterns as a precursor to deploying optimal game mechanics that that align user likes, dislikes, expectations and behaviors. Optimal design is based on research into extrinsic motivators, intrinsic values and facilitation of long term engagement.

This research includes:

Gamification business model analysis
In-depth analysis of Gamification solution and dynamics
Analysis of thirty two companies involved in Gamificiation
Case study analysis of brands capitalizing upon Gamification
Analysis of Gamification market trends and market projections 2012 - 2017
Analysis of potential benefit metrics and non-metrics of Gamification for Brands
Gamification process analysis including game mechanics, design techniques, and features
Guidelines for Brands, Vendors, Service Providers, and Investors to realize optimal success with Gamification
Feasibility assessment of Gamification solutions across various industries (education, enterprise, healthcare, education, entertainment)
As a complement to this valuable report, Mind Commerce provides Gamification consultancy services including:
Design a deployment solution with operational support
Define ROI measurement & tracking metrics from Gamified solution
Develop cross channel marketing solutions identification and implementation
Identify the specific Gamification potential for your industry, product or service
Identify game mechanics for your product or service that will act as extrinsic motivators

Gamification ranks 4th in Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2012

The Gamification market is anticipated to reach $ 3.6 billion by 2017

Mobile platform gamification is expected to increase by 90% in USA by 2017

For global 2000 organizations
- 80% will gamify products or services by 2017
- 70% will gamify enterprise process by 2017

Select industry metrics:
- The entertainment industry currently holds the lead in Gamification market (45% market position)
- The education, healthcare and financial sector will increase dramatically but will not overtake entertainment by 2017

Mobile network operators
Content providers and intermediaries
Digital marketing agency or consultants
Internet and mobile based solution providers
Brands, advertisers, portals, and media companies
Mobile commerce application and service providers
Social gaming, mobile gaming and social commerce developers
System integrators, consultants, and professional service providers
Gamification platform and infrastructure providers (equipment, software, and services)"

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