Little Acts of Courage, the Small Steps

Rob Neilson talks about how his interest in Karate, hypnotherapy and teens with emotional and behavioral problems led him to establish Cedar Ridge Academy 16 years ago, a therapeutic boarding school.


Bonners Ferry, ID -- (SBWire) -- 06/07/2012 --At Cedar Ridge Academy, mindfulness, structure, karate and therapy work together as students take on the challenge of “little acts of courage”…the small steps it takes to tackle old negative beliefs and fears.

On today’s Parent Choices for Struggling Teens, Rob Nielson, founder and Clinical Director of Cedar Ridge Academy shared with Lon, how his program works with teenagers to change the negative feelings from early childhood that have become their core beliefs and help them to move forward through self awareness. “For many of these kids, those negative feelings (not good enough, etc) or something that hurt their feelings at a young age, are the feelings they try desperately to avoid and we teach them how to work through them, to notice the feelings, to be mindful of what is going on and to recognize the physiological reaction.”

“We take them out of their comfort zone and break it down into small steps because it takes time to desensitize these feelings. We teach them deep breathing, positive affirmations and inspire them, that the process is good for them. We also believe an environment with a tight structure helps to create the safety they need to deal with the fears. “There is a good catharsis from a process like this, yet it is a lifelong process, Rob shared, along with his favorite quote: “When you avoid, you attract what you are afraid of.”

In teaching karate, Rob explained that it is the opposite of what people think…”it is not about violence, it is about self discipline and self control, which take an enormous amount of energy to do and the students benefit from it tremendously. We teach them form, paying attention to how you hold your body and are encouraging and nurturing within our teaching. Physical development, mindfulness and learning to be centered and focused help our students move forward.”

“I want them to recognize their “triggers” so they don’t go back to old patterns. If they know this, I know I have done my job!”

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Robert Nielson is the founder of Cedar Ridge Academy. Rob earned his BS in psychology from Southern Utah State College and his MS in Counseling and Educational Psychology from the University of Nevada. Rob has worked with adolescents and their families since 1990. Cedar Ridge Academy is a co-ed therapeutic boarding school for teen’s ages 13-17 years old, which utilizes karate as an adjunctive to therapy. Rob has nearly fifty years of training and experience teaching traditional Karate and over twenty years as a practicing therapist in a treatment setting.

This segment of Parent Choices for Struggling Teens is sponsored in part by Spring Ridge Academy, Spring Valley; AZ. Spring Ridge Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for girls ages 13-17., 928-632-4602.

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