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The Telinc T-Scope T1 Analyzer is the industry’s first T-1 tester on a PCMCIA card. It transforms a laptop into a sophisticated Drop-and-Insert T-1 tester and monitor.

New Hope, PA -- (SBWire) -- 05/22/2012 --The Telinc T-Scope T1 Analyzer is the industry’s first T-1 tester on a PCMCIA card. It transforms a laptop into a sophisticated Drop-and-Insert T-1 tester and monitor. One can measure the performance of T-1 and fractional T-1 facilities, T-1 CSUs, as well as T-1 multiplexers, and be able to continue to use the computer for other applications while not testing.

T1 Monitoring from Telinc Corporation is suitable for non-intrusive monitoring of up to 8, bi-directional "live" T1 traffic links through its 16 T1 receivers. The Groomer is capable of receiving the “monitored” T1 signal inputs through the high impedance (Hi-Z) path of a patch-panel, without in any way disturbing the “live” T1 traffic links. The Groomer provides the “user” the facility to cross-connect 64Kbps time-slots through a completely “non-blocking” TSI switch, through which the selected SS7 signalling time-slots on the INPUT side T1 Ports can be connected to the OUTPUT side T1 Ports. The equipment provides 4 T1 Ports on the OUTPUT side from where the selected / cross-connected / aggregated SS7 time-slots may be connected to the protocol analysers, test probes, etc. The equipment offers the user with complete flexibility to choose and select time-slots from each of the 8 T1 links that are being monitored, without limitation or restrictions, through the internal TSI non-blocking switch (data received by the equipment's 16 T1 receivers) and then aggregate the selected time-slots to the 4 output T1 ports that shall connect to the test probes etc.

DS3 systems can be tested both out-of-service and in-service. Out-of-service testing of DS3 systems during system turn-up usually involves the testing and verification of the performance of digital radios; multiplexers, DACS switches, and associated test access DSX jackfields. In-service testing is used to troubleshoot problems occurring after a system has been turned-up for traffic, to monitor older systems to determine if performance is still adequate, or to uncover precursors of future equipment problems.

The Ds3 Test Set from Telinc Corporation is designed to perform in-service monitoring and in-service or out-of-service testing on DS1 and DS3 communications equipment and circuits with a guided easy-to-use menu structure. The Ds3 Test Set features a large liquid crystal display that can handle hot or sub-freezing temperatures, a water resistant front panel, a built in speaker, and plainly marked front panel LED's, all in a rugged metal case. The LCD screen presents setup options, test results, and configuration setup screens. The Ds3 Test Set comes with the standard industry test patterns built in, and user defined patterns are supported at each transport level. In addition, eight user defined test setups can be entered and are then available at the touch of a button.

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