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With The Rapid Growth of Tablets and Smartphones, More Companies Are developing Mobile Websites: is a Leading Mobile Website Developer.

Louisville, KY -- (SBWire) -- 05/25/2012, a leading mobile website development and design company, is excited to announce a 30 day, risk free trial of their popular mobile website and development tools on their site.  With the 30 day risk-free trial, should the business owner not be completely satisfied, the user can cancel their subscription and never get billed.  With Mobile Website designs and Mobile Website Development plans starting as low as $7.99 per month, is making it a point to get every business prepared to compete in mobile sales and enjoy the benefits of the rapid growth in tablet and smartphones.

Mobile phone connections are growing more quickly than purchases of any other consumer product in the world. According to a recent small businesses survey, 69% of small businesses consider mobile marketing key to their growth over the next five years, a majority of them are yet to fully leverage mobile marketing. Out of the 234 million households in the U.S. over 82 million currently use a smartphone.  By using one of the plans, businesses all over the world can take advantage of the growth in mobile sales and marketing.  Woody Cundiff, President of states, "With mobile website traffic and mobile sales accelerating, most small businesses simply can't afford to do nothing while their competition expands out using mobile websites.  With tablet's and smartphones driving future sales, businesses really do not have the option of not building a mobile website."

Dell Computers recently reported worldwide sales of Personal Computers have plummeted due to smartphone and tablet growth.  Most business do not have websites that are capable of displaying content appropriately on these devices.  With the 30 day risk free promotion from, business owners can now build out their mobile websites will ease and affordability.  The 30 day risk free mobile website offer is geared towards Small Businesses,  Restaurants, Mortgage Companies, Marketing Agencies, Bands, Techs and more. is a Kentucky based company that makes it easy for businesses to have affordable and dynamic web apps and mobile websites. Businesses no longer need a developer to make an app and mobile website, nor multi-million dollar budgets. The platform makes it easy for a business to easily update their web app and mobile website 24/7 with your it's business panel. No advanced skills needed to have a professional web app and mobile website. If you are a hands off business, will design your web app and mobile website for you. 

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