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Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/31/2012 --Unfortunately, medical expenses can strike in an instant. Without warning, even the healthiest individual with no signs or symptoms can suddenly find themselves in the middle of a crisis. When this involves unexpected medical treatment or hospitalization, there’s addition concerns; those of costs.

Medical costs can be significant, and due to the nature of medical expenses can also occur suddenly and without warning. Even the most financially stable families and individuals can find their finances stretches by a cardiac event or orthopedic injury. For those whose finances are even the slightest bit precarious, medical costs can easily become the final straw.

Thankfully, however, there’s a safety net in place. United Medical Credit, the nation’s leading medical credit provider, is standing by to ensure medical expenses can be successfully managed by American’s everywhere.

The dedicated team at United Medical Credit understand the difficulties faced by those who find in necessary to undergo expensive medical procedures. “On many occasions patients are unable to pay upfront for their medical procedures or medical devices,” a United spokesperson recently commented on the topic of health care finance. Due to their large network of medical professionals and lenders, however, United Medical Credit have demonstrated an easy solution. “Through our network with experienced physicians and vendors, and our agreements with competitive lenders, our associates are able to get the right medical financing options, at the best rates, on time.”

With many dissatisfied customers of other medical financing companies returning to the market, United Medical Credit is providing a breath of fresh air. By providing coverage to those with bad credit and offering some of the fasted approvals in the industry, it’s no surprise that many customers from companies such as Care Credit are making the switch. Sick of poor customer service and inflexible finance options, new clients are moving to United Medical Credit in droves, and from the sounds of things they couldn’t be happier.

Even finance that’s required for non-emergency medicine is easily obtainable, with financing available for cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, dental procedures and even fertility treatment. For consumers who’ve been shopping around for financing for plastic surgery, for example, the wait is over. United Medical Credit is ready and willing to assist.

So for those looking to ensure quick access to the best care, without the stress of wondering where the money is coming from, United Medical Credit has the answer. The most trusted name in the health care finance industries, United has real people standing by to deliver competitive finance options for a whole range of medical requirements. Now, American’s can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that, should emergency strike, they’ve got a safety net in place; United Medical Credit.

About United Medical Credit
United Medical Credit is a specialist finance provider with a mission to assist people everywhere finance their medical procedures. With a highly developed network of medical professionals and lenders in place, United work with some of the leading figures in the medical and finance sectors to ensure great outcomes for their clients, both medically and financially. With the ability to finance almost all medical procedures with a large variety of flexible finance products, United Medical Credit has quickly become the leader in medical finance within America. For more information, visit

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