Fort Carson Soldier Saves Local Family from Foreclosure

Monument, CO -- (SBWire) -- 06/04/2012 --The national economic downturn has hit one local family hard recently; so hard that they were facing foreclosure. The Stowell family had been able to faithfully make their mortgage payments for nearly two decades, when health and employment issues came knocking. But, someone else came knocking, too…Wells-Fargo, their mortgage holder, who filed a demand to take their home away. The Stowells could not catch up the payments, let alone the thousands of dollars in fees. The American Dream of home ownership was turning into a nightmare. Then one clear day this past January, just ten days before their home was to go to the Trustee’s Sale, a letter arrived.

Luke Humphreys, a Fort Carson soldier facing retirement was looking for a way to replace his Army income. He and his wife had always enjoyed real estate and after seeing A&E’s “Flip This House” featuring David and Melina Montelongo, decided to “flip” some homes. He sent out hundreds of marketing letters. Not everyone would or could be helped, but the Stowells were willing to give him a chance. The very next Monday, with deed in hand, he began negotiating with Wells-Fargo’s attorneys for a loan payoff.

Within a week, Mr. Humphreys had halted the Trustee’s sale and negotiated a payoff for the Stowells’ mortgage. He paid off the mortgage and effectively prevented the Stowells’ credit from being ruined, and because Mr. Stowell had used his VA benefits in obtaining the original loan, Mr. Humphreys was able to free up those benefits to be used on another home which the Stowells have already closed on in Kansas, while putting thousands of dollars back into their pockets. He had this to say, “After serving anonymously in the Army for so long, it’s a real joy to have a more direct and lasting positive impact on the lives of everyday Americans.”

Mr. Humphreys is now helping other Colorado Springs families awaken from their own real estate nightmares, and has set up a website to get the ball rolling. The site, is simple, plain and effective, just the way Luke was trained to operate; no unneeded flair, just “get-it-done” efficiency. With his retirement looming, Luke says his motivation level has never been higher.

Anyone wishing to awaken from their own housing nightmare can reach Luke Humphreys at (719)425-0461 or by email at

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