Pledge to Consumer Transparency and Service Have made a pledge to consumer transparency and service delivery our sources have indicated, this is to counteract the bad reputation that many payday loans providers have given themselves and as a result the bad name the industry is being given.


Manchester, England -- (SBWire) -- 06/06/2012 --Payday loans company has made a pledge to consumer transparency our sources from the company have indicated, and to the personal service of those consumers.

“It is important that consumers are crystal clear on matters of interest rates and approval criteria, many companies do not actually conduct real credit checks, we do real credit checks to protect the consumer as much as us, it is important that the customer knows this before applying as a failed credit check can affect an already adverse credit situation”

The above statement was provided to us by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company Darren Baines, who himself has been at the company for around 3 years and is said to have more than 2 years’ experience within the various facets of financial services.

The pledge for consumer transparency is reportedly designed to counter the reputation that certain competitors are giving themselves by making claims that are economical with the truth about matters such as service delivery and interest rates.

“Other companies are giving payday loans as a market a bad name” “ It is important that companies are as honest and as open as possible about exactly what the charges are and the terms of approval and service” mentioned the Chief Executive. appears to be undergoing some growth at present given the increase in the numbers of staff that have recently been included in the companies recruitment drive. A further 10 members of staff were taken on at the end of May.

“If we are to get ahead, and stay ahead of the competition it is important that we, as a payday loans company, give clients all of the information that they need about our payday loans and the implications of borrowing money that cannot be paid back and everything else relating to cash advances and the exact amount of money that they will pay back, before they actually undertake that loan”

“That is what will maximise happy customers and client retention” Stated the financial director Scott Hart.

Several clients have thanked the company for their services and the companies client retention rates reflect this positive feedback, 37% of all people that have taken out a payday loan with this company have taken out an addition loan within 2 days of paying off the initial loan, this claim was substantiated with documentation, and balance sheets in order to back up this claim.

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A popular payday loans provider based in the United Kingdom with a heavy emphasis on keeping happy clients and delivering exactly what is promised to the end client. “happy clients is a healthy business” is this companies business motto.

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